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4 04, 2019

Diocletian achievements – Why was Emperor Diocletian important?

Diocletian Achievements – Why was Emperor Diocletian important? If you thought that all Roman emperors were of noble decent and came to prominence by virtue of being born into an aristocratic family, then you would be wrong. Some girls dream of becoming princesses by marrying a handsome prince (congratulations to Ms. Meghan Markle & Prince Harry!), but for a boy to become an emperor of Roman Empire, he must have been something really unique. So how does Emperor Diocletian fit into this story? Who was Diocletian and how did he become an emperor of world’s most famous empire at the time? Emperor Diocletian actually wasn’t even a Roman citizen, but

3 04, 2019

Nudist beaches in Split Croatia

Nudist beaches in Split Croatia Being a nudist is a way of life, not just a wish to end holidays without tanning lines of your bikini. It is a movement promoting self-respect and respect for the environment. Almost everyone has at least once gone skinny dipping and felt as if you were doing something prohibited and naughty. For people who are truly nudists, it is something more than just a hidden pleasure or fun – it is a proclamation of freedom and being at one with the nature. Since not everyone understands the point of nudism, people who enjoy it have to be careful not to offend someone unintentionally, and this is why

29 03, 2019

Croatian Food

Croatian Food As every country that is culturally, historically and geographically as diverse as Croatia, its cuisine can hardly be pinpointed to only one type. Over the course of time and the historical impact of other nations, a wide range of now-called traditional Croatian dishes developed in different parts of the country. The continental cuisine of Croatia for example, under the influence of Austrian and Hungarian hegemony, is mostly based on meat dishes and vegetables that are often served in rich and spicy sauces. The traditional coastal cuisine is, on the other hand, mostly based on seafood, domestic olive oil and vegetables like chard. Inevitable condiments that give this Croatian food its

19 05, 2018

Vis Island Croatia

Vis Island Croatia Vis Island in Croatia is one of the most popular islands in the archipelago of the Split-Dalmatia County. The island of Vis is also the farthest inhabited island in Croatia with a population of around 4000 people, but the number increases during the summer. The surface of the entire island of Vis is about 90 square kilometers, thus making it one of the smallest permanently inhabited islands in the Adriatic Sea. The highest peak on the island is the Hum hill, while the two largest settlements are Komiza and the eponymous town of Vis. Vis Island is not only one of the most beautiful Croatian islands but also one of

17 04, 2018

Hvar island Croatia

Hvar Island Croatia The island of Hvar is one of the most popular Croatian islands and is the go-to island for most people spending holidays in Croatia. Hvar Island is located in South Croatia in the archipelago of Split-Dalmatia County. It is the 4th most populated Croatian island with more than 11.000 residents on almost 300 km2. The island is long and narrow with many plains, forests and hills, perfect for growing olives, lavender and vineyards. Hvar island is known as the sunniest one in Croatia with more than 2800 hours of sunshine per year. The highest peak of Hvar is St. Nikola and the biggest town is the town of Hvar.

9 04, 2018

How to Visit Blue Cave Croatia

How to Visit Blue Cave Croatia We bring you the answers to the most common questions about how to visit Blue Cave Croatia from Split. An increasing number of foreign visitors to the streets of Split, led to tourist agencies being very numerous. Among several highly-professional companies, there are a handful of various different semi-finished packages that offer the same or similarly organized arrangements to attractive destinations in the region. We will try to give you advice on what to pay attention to and to propose our vision of an ideal itinerary. First of all, when you choose a travel agency, you might want to consider if it is altogether a legitimate company?

2 04, 2018

Best Krka Trip From Split on Viator, TA & Expedia

Best Krka Trip From Split Find out why Pelican Tours’ excursion to National Park Krka is proclaimed the Best Krka Trip from Split in 2016, 2017 and 2018 on Viator and Expedia? How we made the best Krka trip from Split? In times of increased popularity of Split as one of world's top tourist destinations, we have witnessed the expansion of touristic products and services. In business it is very important to be able to predict future trends in order to be ready for the changes that inevitably happen in all markets, tourist market including. Management of Pelican Tours Split as well as the staff with years of experience and education in the

1 11, 2017

Beach Club In Split – Gooster Bar

Beach Club in Split - Gooshter A new beach club in Split for full enjoyment in food, music and cocktails The name of the newly opened beach club in Split - Gooshter within the Le Méridien Lav hotel reveals an idyllic interior, food that merges the tastes of the East and South, original cocktails and a great atmosphere. Gooshter is a story about space, time and nature, about creating the atmosphere that follows the rhythm of the coast from sunset until sundown; sunbathing and swimming on the beach, relaxing in shadows between pine trees, enjoying a cocktail, great food and sea view from the main terrace. The concept of the new

1 03, 2017

Bacvice beach Split Croatia

Bacvice Beach Split Croatia If you are looking for beaches in Split near the port, there is just one answer – Bacvice beach Split Croatia! Bacvice beach is a natural phenomenon in the heart of the city and also the most popular sandy beach in the center. The beach is only 1 km away from the center of Split. You can reach it on foot in just 10 minutes by heading in the direction of the main bus station and the ferry port. Just cross the bridge and you will already see the sandy bay. During the day Bacvice is a promenade all ages enjoy, as well as a place where local and

29 01, 2017

Traditional Croatian Cuisine – Dishes Baked Under The Bell – Peka

Traditional Cuisine - Croatian Peka In this article we bring you some of the "secrets" of traditional Croatian cuisine and there would be no sense to talk about the specifics of our gourmet without mentioning peka! Roasted veal and lamb under the bell are delicious delicacies we all enjoy, although, we love octopus prepared in the same way just as much. The important thing is that the meat is fresh and the friends are together. Baking dishes over an open fire, in addition to the food having a specific aroma, is related to the ancient notion of the fireplace being the heart, the center of each house, where the family gathers, talks, socializes