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29 01, 2017

Traditional Croatian Cuisine – Dishes Baked Under The Bell – Peka

Traditional Cuisine - Croatian Peka In this article we bring you some of the "secrets" of traditional Croatian cuisine and there would be no sense to talk about the specifics of our gourmet without mentioning peka! Roasted veal and lamb under the bell are delicious delicacies we all enjoy, although, we love octopus prepared in the same way just as much. The important thing is that the meat is fresh and the friends are together. Baking dishes over an open fire, in addition to the food having a specific aroma, is related to the ancient notion of the fireplace being the heart, the center of each house, where the family gathers, talks, socializes

6 01, 2017

Westgate Tower Split

Westgate Tower Split The construction of the largest project in Split has commenced almost two years ago - Westgate Tower Split, Westgate investment group, which will eventually take an area of ​​50,000 m2, and is worth 65 million euros. The first of the two towers has been completed and the work on the tower B has started. Ultimately, the tower "B" of the Westgate Tower Split will be 110 meters high, which will be officially the tallest building in Croatia. Zagreb construction company "Technique" reported on Tuesday that an agreement was concluded on conducting the works on the construction of reinforced concrete structure, the overhead part of the hotel building with

29 12, 2016

Half Day Trips From Split – What to do in Split Croatia in one day?

Half Day Trips From Split - What to see in Split Croatia in one day? Whether the reason is that your cruise ship arrives later than usual, early morning departures for daily excursions or you're just one of those, who on vacation primarily want a good night's sleep, we bring you a brief description of the destinations that you can visit in half day trips from Split. This is only a short list of ideas and proposals that would be worth visiting in the vicinity of Split and that can be visited in a few hours. Visits to some of these destinations are organized half day trips from Split, while in other cases

15 12, 2016

Green Taxi Split

Green Taxi Split Given that most of the visitors of our city arrive here by plane, one of the first needs they face is certainly Split airport transfer. Good news for those environmentally conscious, as well as for those who want a service they will pay slightly less than normal, is that we finally have the green taxi in Split.The fact that market of taxi transportation within our city is being revived is clearly shown the establishment of a new association "Green taxi in Split", whose members will soon start their runs on the streets of Split! These are mostly young, educated drivers, who have ensured a permission from the city council to perform

7 12, 2016

Theme & Amusement Parks near Split, Croatia

Theme & Amusement Parks Near Split, Croatia! If you want to know where the Amusement Parks near Split are, here is the information on where to go and what to expect! We all know that the holiday period is when we want to treat ourselves with a special experience and having fun is definitely one of the main ingredients of unforgettable memories. For this reason, we bring you a brief description of the two big aquatic theme waterparks that you can visit from Split Croatia. Amusement Parks near Split - Solaris Aqua Park The first that should be mentioned is the amusement park within the best hotel

23 08, 2016

Central club Split

Central Club Split It has finally happened! Split opened the door to a club fitting its natural beauty and historical attractions. The Central Club Split is located on the place of the most popular movie theater in the strict center of the city, just outside the walls of the Diocletian’s palace. We won’t say that Split didn’t have night clubs before club Central, but nothing even close to the quality of this newest addition to the night life of this amazing city. Central place for the best entertainment First and foremost, the location of the Central Club Split could not get any better; this was also one of the reasons

10 08, 2016

The sportiest city in the world – Split

The sportiest city in the world - Split There are few sayings about Split that are popular among its citizens and they all have one thing in common: incredible love and respect for Split. The most popular one naming Split the most beautiful city in the world probably depends on the eye of the beholder, but one other saying could be easily measured and proved: the city of Split is Croatia’s capital of sport and the sportiest city in the world! History of sport in Split If you have chosen Split for your vacation destination and your holidays of choice are active and include a lot of sports, then you would probably love to

19 07, 2016

Health tourism in Split Croatia

Health tourism in Split Croatia If someone would ask you what you treasure the most and what is the most important thing to you and your family, I think that the answer would be almost in equal measure: happiness and health. When you think about it, these two answers are almost always inseparable, and the best way to combine it is to indulge yourself in health tourism. Health tourism in Croatia is actually one of the main reasons the city of Split even exists, since one of the crucial reasons why Emperor Diocletian chose this area for his summer home, lies in the fact that besides its beautiful nature and extraordinary position on

13 07, 2016

Wine tasting in Croatia

Wine tasting in Split, Croatia Would you like to have a wine tasting in Croatia? When traveling to a new country, no matter what your preference are when it comes to the way you wish to spend your vacation, there is one thing that almost all tourists have in common: they want to try something local. Croatian cuisine is very versatile depending on the region you visit but it is its wine offer that truly surpasses all expectations. As you have probably noticed the country has a very interesting shape and spreads over the coast, mountains and vast plains, thus encompassing all five possible wine regions defined according to the temperature and solar hours. The main division

21 06, 2016

Bronze Map of Split

Bronze Map of Split To create someone's statute or bust in bronze and set it in a place where everyone would be able to stop, admire it and find out more about the person behind the cast, with a patina that gives it even greater sense of pride on an already dignified face, is a special honor awarded only to the most deserving members of our society. When a city receives such an honor and its bronze model is set on its anthological promenade - Riva, to everyone passing by it is immediately obvious that Split is more than just a city. Given its location in the southeastern part of the Riva, where