4 04, 2019

Diocletian achievements – Why was Emperor Diocletian important?

Diocletian Achievements – Why was Emperor Diocletian important? If you thought that all Roman emperors were of noble decent and came to prominence by virtue of being born into an aristocratic family, then you would be wrong. Some girls dream of becoming princesses by marrying a handsome prince (congratulations to Ms. Meghan Markle & Prince Harry!), but for a boy to become an emperor of Roman Empire, he must have been something really unique. So how does Emperor Diocletian fit into this story? Who was Diocletian and how did he become an emperor of world’s most famous empire at the time? Emperor Diocletian actually wasn’t even a Roman citizen, but

10 03, 2016

5 Best Tours in Split Croatia

5 Best Family Tours in Split Croatia We bring you the list of the 5 best tours in Split Croatia while travelling with your kids and family. #1 Blue Lagoon and Solta tour in Split Croatia While many of the most attractive island destinations are at a relatively great distance from Split, Solta and Blue Lagoon are actually pretty close. Unlike other marine tours, this is the best family tour in Split Croatia. One very significant advantage of this trip is the low price of the package (42 euros) which includes lunch, so you will enjoy the all-day program without the usual worries of a parent. Relax during the one-day itinerary fish picnic,