Hvar Island Croatia

The island of Hvar is one of the most popular Croatian islands and is the go-to island for most people spending holidays in Croatia. Hvar Island is located in South Croatia in the archipelago of Split-Dalmatia County. It is the 4th most populated Croatian island with more than 11.000 residents on almost 300 km2. The island is long and narrow with many plains, forests and hills, perfect for growing olives, lavender and vineyards. Hvar island is known as the sunniest one in Croatia with more than 2800 hours of sunshine per year. The highest peak of Hvar is St. Nikola and the biggest town is the town of Hvar.

Stari Grad on Hvar Island Croatia

Stari Grad Hvar Island Croatia

Hvar old town (Stari Grad) is one of the oldest populated places in Croatia, dating all the way to pre-historic times, and its development has been influenced by the Greeks and their colony of Pharos. The most famous reminder of its Greek past is the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Stari Grad Plain. Renaissance and Venetian rule made Hvar the center of arts, culture and architecture.

Other cities on the Hvar Island

Jelsa Hvar Island Croatia

Other towns and villages on the island of Hvar in Croatia include Stari Grad, Jelsa, Sucuraj, Milna, Svirce, Vrboska etc. These towns and villages are scattered along Hvar’s 68 kilometers long coast, each having its Mediterranean charm and atmosphere. The climate, landscape and history brought the island of Hvar to its tourist prominence it has today.

Beaches on Hvar Island Croatia

Beach on Hvar Island Croatia

Hvar Island is located in between the islands of Brac and Vis and boasts with beautiful beaches on all sides of the island. The beaches on the island of Hvar are mostly pebble and stone beaches, with several sandy beaches. The most popular beaches can be found in the town of Hvar, Milna, Zavala, Ivan Dolac, Dubovica, Sveta Nedjelja, Jelsa, Bogomolje… Those searching for wilder beaches can visit Paklinski Islands or Scedro Island. The island of Hvar is one of the most popular navigation areas in Croatia, and is visited by thousands of sailors all year long.

Where to eat on Hvar Island 

Restaurant Gariful Hvar Island Croatia

If there is good wine, olive oil and fresh fish, the gastronomy can only thrive, and Hvar is known for its delicious food and state of the art restaurants. You can choose a simple village restaurant and enjoy a homemade meal with organic vegetables and fruits, or have your dinner  in a posh restaurant in Hvar or Palmizana Bay on Paklinski Islands. Those searching for good barbecue should check out local “OPGs” in local villages, and for good fish and reasonable prices search for a “Konoba”.

Is Hvar a party island?

Party on Hvar Island Croatia

The nightlife on Hvar is one of the top night lives in entire Croatia where party never stops. There are several night clubs and lounge bars in the town of Hvar which are known worldwide, but the party places are also in the Palmizana Bay on Paklinski Islands.  On Hvar you can literally party 24/7 if that is your thing. Ultra Split comes to Hvar each year for its final Ultra party.

Activities on the island

Man cycling in Jelsa Hvar Island Croatia

photo credit: Takeadventure

Hvar is also the perfect place for all sports aficionados, especially for cycling.  You can ride your bicycle across the island because the roads are very good and with sparse traffic. Take part in aquatlon, marathons, regattas, festivals, concerts and theater plays, Big game fishing and many more events which take place each year on Hvar Island in Croatia.

Hvar island attractions

Fortica Hvar Island Croatia

Some of the most beautiful monuments and architecture pieces on Hvar Island include Spanjola fortress (Hvar), St. Stjepan’s cathedral (Hvar), Arsenal (Hvar) ,Loggia (Hvar),  Hektorovic fortress (Stari Grad), Town Museum (Stari Grad), Antique Pharos (Stari Grad), Stari Grad Plain, Church of St. Mary (Vrboska), Fisherman’s Museum (Vrboska), St. Ivan Square (Jelsa), Cave Grapceva (Humac, Jelsa), Church of St. Ante (Sucuraj) and many more.

How to reach Hvar island?

You can reach the island of Hvar in South Croatia by ferry and catamaran. If you travel by ferry you will travel from Split to Stari Grad or from Drvenik to Sucuraj. The catamaran will take you from Split to the town of Hvar or Jelsa. If you take the ferry you can bring you car, and if you take the catamaran you can rent a car or bike on Hvar, or get around by a taxi or a bus.

There are many reasons to visit Hvar Island in Croatia even if it is only for a day, because this lavender island of eternal sunshine will enchant all your senses. Make a plan for your visit of Hvar Island or allow us to take you there on our Bue Cave tour from Split.