We’ve visited Omis and Radmanove Mlinice. Even if we hadn’t planned all those activities, we have done them all in one day.

   What a perfect day for people with an adventure spirit! That day made me truly happy. Our group decided to depart earlier so we could explore a little bit of Omis city. That day weather was a bit cloudy so it wasn’t so hot, which was good. From Split to Omis group was in positive mood so driving went smoothly. Arriving to Omis, exploring, eating, hanging out and taking pictures of lovely, small and old city. Afterwards we went to the long beach. Water was so clear and colorful and it seemed not so salty, because of Cetina river inflow to sea.

   Then team of zip line has picked us up to the Cetina canyon which is really close, only 3 km from Omis. We’ve got all the equipment for zip line and a short training. The environment was gorgeous and so vast with untouched nature. It was so exciting and seemed like we are flying across the canyon. Zip line is 2 km long wire with 8 descendings. Described in one word – amazing adrenaline.

   After everyone had descended we realized that we were hungry. Fascinating restaurant “Kaštil Slanica” was on our way back. We ate fish from fresh-water and it was special experience to taste the frog. Atmosphere in restaurant was peaceful and beautiful. Near the restaurant is a place called “Radmanove Mlinice” (Radman mills) which we’ve also visited. It’s a picnic place in shadows of tall trees where we were able to swim in pure and clear Cetina river. There are many paths for hiking and we spent two hours over there. We’ve seen really rich flora and fauna. From various plants to lots of animals such as frogs, fish, turtles, birds, etc. We felt full of energy and exhausted after same time.

   As we decided to come back to Split we realized that the sun was already setting. On the way back we’ve seen delightful waterfall across the river bank. The day was filled with various activities which made our day. Nobody could hide their happiness from faces.

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