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Hvar Town Croatia

The harbour of Hvar town in Croatia

What to see in Hvar town Croatia

One of the most famous monuments of Hvar town Croatia is the fortress Spanjola overlooking the town, the bay and the islands. You can easily access it from Hvar’s promenade Riva by climbing stone steps. The fortress dates back to the 16th century and is today a tourist complex, a perfect place to take photos of Hvar. On a hill next to it is Napoleon’s fortress from the 19th century which serves today as an observatory. From the fortress Spanjola, the town of Hvar is surrounded by a stone wall with the oldest parts dating all the way back to the 13th century.

One of the oldest and definitely the biggest squares in Dalmatia is in the center of Hvar, just in front of the Cathedral of St. Stjepan, also known as Piazza. You will notice that the town of Hvar is mostly paved with old stones, giving the town a true Mediterranean feeling, perfectly merging with stone houses in the center of Hvar, like a stone-paved road connecting all historical buildings of Hvar. One of those buildings just at the end of the Piazza is Arsenal, the most famous public building of Hvar. It was used as a naval warehouse.

Arsenal building in Hvar, Croatia

Credit: Hvar Guides

The construction of Arsenal started in the 13th century and it remained up till today one of the most beautiful buildings in Hvar City. Another great importance of Arsenal is the first public Theater in entire Europe built on its first floor in the 17th century. The Theater of Hvar is a monument of the highest category and something definitely worth your visit. On the opposite side of Hvar Bay is a beautiful town Loggia, a remaining terrace of Governor’s Palace from the 13th century.

Religion has always been a very important aspect of life in Dalmatia, and this is why even in small towns such as Hvar you can visit various churches. Besides the Cathedral of St. Stjepan, you can enjoy visiting Franciscan monastery on the promenade Riva, but also an old church of St. Marko, no longer offering services but a beautiful place for outdoor destination weddings which are especially popular in Hvar.

Another reason why the town of Hvar is so popular among tourists is the high quality of accommodation and its variety. In Hvar, you can book everything, from rooms, apartments, Airbnb, campsites, high-class hotels and resorts. Some of the most popular hotels are Adriana Hvar Spa Hotel, Riva Hvar Yacht Harbour, Amfora Hvar Grand Beach Resort, Pharos Hvar Resort, Hotel Croatia and hotels of Suncani Hvar Group. Apartments of all types, prices and amenities can be found all around the town of Hvar.

Besides accommodation, the town of Hvar is famous for its top-class gastronomy no matter the price range. One of the reasons for this lies in the position of Hvar, where restaurants get great fish from local fishermen and homegrown produce, ripened under the sun of Hvar. If you’re looking for supreme restaurant quality make sure you visit Palmizana and Paklinski Islands where you can eat in some of the best restaurants in Croatia such as Zori and Patak. Lounge bars Laganini and Toto’s are also a great place to eat and relax by the sea. In the town of Hvar enjoy Gariful restaurant directly on the promenade. As for the parties, there is no place like Hvar. Sure there are many places to party in Croatia and on the Adriatic coast, but many will agree that the town of Hvar holds a special place on this list. Some of the most popular Croatian clubs are in Hvar and on Paklinski islands, such as Carpe Diem Beach, Kiva Bar, Hula Hula Bar, Veneranda and many other cocktail bars. The famous Ultra festival taking place each year in Split ends here in Hvar.

Visit the town of Hvar if you like cycling, swimming, diving, snorkeling, jogging because Hvar and its island scenery and crystal blue sea will be the perfect background for your activities. If you’re wondering how to reach Hvar and all this beauty, just hop on a ferry or a catamaran and you will be here in a heartbeat. If you want someone experienced to get you to Hvar with a guide and best time management for an excursion to Hvar Town, Pelican Tours has you covered.

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