Here is a list of general terms of our tourist agency. You can find all legal information in regarding the law in the industry. If you have a question about something that is not here, you can contact us and ask us directly.

Tourist agency “Pelican tours Split” (hereinafter referred to as the agency) guarantees the full execution of the program according to the description of the tour you had received. Itinerary of the travel arrangement will be conducted to the full extent by the agency, except in the case of unpredictable emergency situations (war, riots, demonstrations, terrorist actions, sanitary violations, extreme weather conditions, interventions by the authorities etc.).
The agency reserves the right to change any part of the arranged program in the case of circumstances that could not have been predicted, avoided or eliminated. In that case, the arranged program can be exchanged for the service in the same category, with the possible price correction.
Requests for information and reservations are communicated by web services, regular mail, personally in the agency’s sales points or in the sales points of our official tourist agency dealers. By making a reservation, customer hereby agrees to all conditions of service declared in these General conditions of service. In other words, everything that has been stated in this document becomes a legal bind as for the customer, as well as the agency. Customer is provided with all relevant information regarding arranged program by the agency. During the reservation process, customer is obliged to provide all necessary data that is required. Furthermore, in order to make the reservation valid, a full payment must be made by the customer during the reservation itself (unless stated differently). Payment method depends on the customer’s preference and the ability of the agency to process that payment. Method of payment is communicated to all customers in advance with the reservation confirmation. In case of credit card payment, all cards are charged with the amount calculated in kuna (Croatian currency) with the foreign currency exchange rate set by Croatian National Bank on the day of the exchange or in euros.
Itinerary of the travel arrangement includes everything that has been stated by the agency’s travel plan. Optional services include everything that has been stated as not included in the arrangement cost and must be paid by the customer additionally. These services must be negotiated during the reservation and will be charged additionally on top of the travel arrangement price. Optional and special services that the customer decided to make request forafter the departure should be paid directly to the dedicated travel guide or the representative of the agency. The agency reserves the right to change the declared cost of optional services, if there has been a significant change of the agreed currency exchange rate, increase of the transportation costs, increase of the fuel prices, increase of tax charges (airports and other means of transport) after the contract had already been made, in case those mentioned increases directly affect price of the travel arrangement. These changes are made in the case cost increases mentioned could not be known or predicted by any means. Declared prices are the result of the contact between the agency and other partner organizations and do not have to correspond to the prices listed on the actual locations and destinations.

Customers are advised to pay attention to possible discounts for children and minors.

The agency reserves the right to cancel the arrangement to full or partial extent, in case of exceptional circumstances that have arisen before the departure or during the excursion itself, provided those circumstances could not be avoided or eliminated, but whose occurrence during the publishing of the arrangement offer could give the agency indication not to publish the offer or to cancel the arrangement in advance if the offer had already been published; in other words, give indication to the agency not to accept any further reservations. What is more, the agency reserves the right to cancel the arrangement if the number of reservations does not fulfill the minimal number for that specific arrangement. In those cases, the agency is obliged to notify all customers about the cancelation of the arrangement and fully refund all payments that have been made by the time of the cancelation. Customers are not entitled to claims for any additional compensation by the agency.

Should the customer wish to change or cancel the reservation, after the initial payment has already been made, the agency must be notified by a letter or e-mail. Changes to the reservation include change of the number of persons who will be using the services of the agency or change of date of the departure/arrival of the arrangement and must be made at least 24 hours before start of the service (usually the departure). All changed made within those 24 hours cannot be considered as cancellation of the reservation. In the case the cancelation of the reservation and the customer decides to abandon the arrangement, the following cancellation policy is applied. Date and time when the agency has received the notification of the cancellation is referred to in the following way:

For cancellations up to 3 day before the start of the service, amount paid during the reservation is fully refunded.
For cancellations up to 1 day before the start of the service, the service can be exchanged for another service in the same category with a different departure/arrival date/time, within the same month as the initial reservation.
For cancellation on the departure date/time of during the arrangements, customer is not entitled to any refund.

The customer is obliged to always keep in possession valid travel documents in case the itinerary of the arrangement includes border crossing. In the case of loss or theft of the documents or any other valuables, all the responsibility is on the customer. In the case of failure to provide necessary documents or the irregularity of the documents (them being expired or similar), which could cause the customer to be unable to continue the arranged program, cancelation policy states that the customer is not entitled to any reimbursement. The customer is obliged to respect and follow customs and law of Republic of Croatia at all times, to respect and follow the rules of accommodation facilities and other establishments and, in general, to cooperate with the tour guides and other staff in a friendly manner. Furthermore, the customer is required to follow all instructions provided by the travel guide and representatives of the agency. Before the departure, the customer needs to be able to present the tour guide or the representative of the agency all necessary documents regarding confirmation of the reservation (original voucher, payment confirmation, copy of the money transfer receipt, travel cards etc.). If any of the points stated has been breached, the customer will be financially responsible to any possible damage to the agency.
The agency is obliged to:

Properly handle execution of offered services, as well as the selection of employees and hired staff taking into consideration their professionalism and experience. Care about rights and interests of all customers and travelers according to general guidelines and customs in tourist industry. Provide and execute all services described in the contract and notify the customer of any possible risks involved
Have in possession public guest book open to any feedback by the customers in every sales point in accordance with the applicable legislation. The agency is not responsible for any changes to, or failure to fulfill any parts of the arrangement directly caused by the unexpected circumstances (refer to point 7 of this document), transportation problems and delay which do not hold the transportation company responsible in accordance with the applicable legislation and international conventions. In any of the described cases, all unexpected and additional costs are to be paid by the customer.

Depending on the customer’s preference, possession of luggage during the arrangement is possible in accordance to the transportation organization. If the transport is conducted by regular road vehicles, the customer is entitled to one piece of luggage (a bag). Transportation company is not responsible for possible loss or damage of the customer’s property, unless the damage was caused by the transportation itself. Every customer is obliged to care for their belongings personally. The agency is not responsible for any damage or loss of property or valuables and the customers are advised to leave all unnecessary belongings in their accommodation facility or rented safe deposit box. Complaints about lost or damaged property are submitted to the transportation company or a dedicated representative.
In accordance to Law on Providing Services in Tourism, the agency organizing and conducting the arrangement is required to provide health and insurance in case of unexpected circumstances during the arrangement, as well as the insurance that covers travel costs of the return of the customer to the place of stay in case of unexpected circumstances or health complications.
In case the agency has failed to fully or partially execute the arrangement or the quality of the services provided does not meet the standard stated in the description of the arrangement, the customer is entitled to submit a written complaint. Every customer is entitled to making a complaint regarding the agency’s failure to execute all parts of the arrangement. Every customer submits the complaint individually and no group complaints will be processed at any time. The procedure of submitting a complaint includes the following:

Directly during the execution of the service the customer notifies the tour guide or the representative of the agency at the spot, or in case the representative of the agency is not present, the customer makes the complaint to the designated service provider
During all times, the customer is obliged to follow the instructions provided by the tour guide or representative of the agency and behave in a friendly manner all in order to eliminate the cause of the complaint
If the customer does not agree with the presented solution to the complaint that fully corresponds to the description of the paid service, the agency is not required to accept or acknowledge any further complains
If the cause of the complaint had not been eliminated, the customer is obliged to file a written complaint in cooperation with the tour guide, representative of the agency or the designated service provider, which will be signed by all three parties and given to both the customer and a representative of the agency
The customer is obliged to deliver the written complaint to the agency no later than 8 days after the travel has been completed
The agency will take into consideration only the complaints which have been fully documented, submitted in the stated time frame and signed by all the previously stated parties, with potential inclusion of other documents (receipts for additional charges etc.)
The agency will process the complaint and issue a written response to the customer in no longer than 15 days after the complaint has been received
The agency will only process valid complaints which could not have been properly resolved during the execution of the service
During the time frame of those 15 days until the agency has issued a written response, the customer is to refrain from contacting any third party regarding the complaint: association of Croatian travel agencies or other institutions, the media etc.
The agency and the customer are in the agreement that all complaints will be resolved in a kind manner, by mutual cooperation, but in case of failure, the designated court of law will be included in the process of the resolution. Applicable law in resolving complaints is Croatian law

All personal data the agency might have acquired about the customer will unconditionally be protected and kept secret from a third party by the agency. All data regarding address, place of stay, dates of travel, payment confirmations, as well as the names of the people traveling will be private. The agency will not answer requests by third parties about the customer’s personal data without the explicit consent by the customer, unless a low or a decision issued by the higher state authority overturns this rule.
These general conditions of service are the integral part of the travel contract every customer signs with the tourist agency “Pelican Tours Split” or with one of the official partner agencies. Each potential/planed breach or addition to the contact must be clearly described and communicated to the customer. By making the initial payment during reservation, customer undeniably agrees with the whole content of the contract and The general conditions of service. As of this moment, this become the official and only general conditions of service document, and voids all previous versions.