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Best Beaches in Split Croatia

Thes best beaches in Split, Croatia

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From history to culture and gastronomy, Split offers a wide and varied range of opportunities for entertainment and leisure. Taking the top rank in the list of Split attractions and one of the reasons the city has become so popular among its visitors is its beaches. Below you can find the full list of the best beaches in Split Croatia!

Despite its location in the city and its outskirts, Split is proud to be the host of many excellent beaches with superb water quality. You do not have to escape to remote islands to swim in crystal clear waters, since you can find it all here at the best beaches in Split: the city offers sandy and pebble beaches, rocks and cliffs, nudist beaches, and beaches along the shore of the Marjan hill that provide beautiful shade during hot summer days. It is up to you to pick a spot near the water that suits you best!

Bačvice Beach

Bacvice beach, Split Croatia

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Probably the most famous and one of the best beaches in Split as it is the spot where the unique game Picigin was born. The sandy and shallow bay offer excellent conditions for this water sport, in which a team of players aims to keep a small rubber ball (usually an old tennis ball without its yellow felt) in the air as long as possible. As the ball is bounced between the players, they try to perform acrobatic stunts when catching and hitting it. If you visit Bačvice beach, a game of Picigin is certainly a thing to do.

Bačvice is very popular among all generations, the kids love the sand, seniors the exceptionally warm water, and youngsters the variety of beach bars. Beware, this beach is not for people looking for peace and quietness. They might prefer the two beaches (Ovčice and Firule) in continuation to the east, which are less crowded. All beaches have cafes, sanitary facilities, and showers.

Ovčice Beach

The best beaches in Split, Croatia - Ovcice beach

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Ovčice is a small pebble beach just around the corner from Bačvice and worth visiting as there are much fewer people and the water is clear due to a pebble-covered seabed. There is a nice bar that serves refreshing drinks on hot summer days, sanitary facilities and a shower.

Firule Beach

Firule beach is the often neglected little sister of famous Bačvice beach. As it is also sandy and very shallow, it is a popular spot for families who do not like the crowds at Bačvice as well as Picigin players. To reach the beach you continue from Bačvice along the seafront promenade in the eastern direction and pass Ovčice beach. Firule beach lies in the bay of the same name and is well protected when the north winds blow. The 240 m long beach is equipped with a public shower and a relaxing bar.

The best beaches in Split, Croatia - Firule beach

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Trstenik and Žnjan Beaches

Beaches Trstenik and Žnjan are pebble beaches, which are on the east side of the city and are considered to be the best beaches in Split. Both are public and offer many amenities like sanitary facilities and showers. As there is literally no shade, prepare yourself with good sun protection. Naturally, you can always escape into nearby cafes and bars for refreshments, which are lined up right behind the beach. Trstenik beach is well maintained by the Radisson Blu Hotel, which hence occupies a small VIP area reserved just for their guests. Žnjan is more exposed to the wind and therefore a popular spot for kite- and windsurfers.

The best beaches in Split, Croatia - Znjan beach

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However, some of the best beaches in Split Croatia are around Marjan hill

The best beaches at Split’s western end are Kašjuni beach and Kaštelet beach (locally referred to as “Obojena Svjetlost”) are located at the foot of Marjan hill on the south side. Both are popular pebble beaches and easily accessible by car, public transportation and on foot.

Kašjuni Beach

The best beaches in Split, Croatia - Kasjuni beach

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Kašjuni beach has received a face-lift in 2016 and offers now sunbeds, a lounge bar and other amenities. The western part of the bay is separated from the main beach by some rocks where you will find Split’s unofficial nudist beach.

Kaštelet Beach

Kastelet Beach Split, Croatia

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Kaštelet beach lies below the 16th-century summer house of the noble family Capogrosso-Cavagnini that now belongs to the Meštrović Gallery. The pretty pebble beach is popular among locals of all ages. It has a beach bar and two cafes. In the deeper water of the bay, you will find a floating water polo field if you want to shoot some goals. Give it a try!

Bene Beach

Bene beach is on the northern side of Marjan hill and lies literally in the pine forest, so it offers great shade during a hot summer day. It has several terraces made of concrete and flat rocks where you can lie and enjoy a refreshing drink from the nearby restaurant. Families love to go there as it has a sandy sea bottom and a children’s playground. You can reach it on foot, by bike or public bus.

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