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Best Restaurants in Split Croatia

Making a list of the best restaurants in Split Croatia seemed like an easy task, but putting to paper all the amazing places to try local delicacies, modern cuisine or fusion food proved to be a daunting one.

Split has flourished in recent years thanks to the expansion of tourism and its ever more prominent place on the list of world travelers. Many features of the city have taken advantage of this newly found fame, but if we could name only one it would definitely be the gastro scene of Split.

The restaurants in Split are literally everywhere, on every corner in every street in the city center and beyond. The food is prepared mostly with local ingredients, drizzled with local olive oil and accompanied by the best local wines.

We bring you a list of the most popular restaurants in Split in no particular order except perhaps their location, so the final dining choice is completely up to you.

Searching where to stay in Split can be a little overwhelming since there is so much to choose from. First things first, you need to decide if you want to stay in a hotel, an apartment, a villa, or a hostel. Once you know the type of your accommodation in Split, you are almost ready for your vacation in sunny Croatia.

Restaurant Kadena

Best restaurants in SPlit - Restaurant Kadena

If you want to dine outside of the strict city center and enjoy the sea view, the restaurant Kadena in the Zenta area is a great choice. Fancy interior, amazing Mediterranean food made by famous chefs and an extensive wine list make Kadena not only one of the best restaurants in Split but also in Croatia, which can easily be checked on any top Croatian restaurants list.

Restaurant Zora Bila

Best restaurants in Split - Restaurant Zora Bila

Zora Bila is probably one of the most interesting restaurants in Split, with meticulously prepared meals which will give you a homelike feeling but presented with style and in perfect doses. The restaurant also boasts with open sea view of Bacvice beach, so you will surely enjoy not only the food but in the ambiance as well.

Restaurant Pizzeria Movi

Best restaurants in Split - Restaurant Pizzeria Movi

Movi is a small restaurant on the east side of Split, a great place to enjoy local cuisine and fusion food. It is located in the same area as the first 9 restaurants on this list, so if you want to take a walk from the center, end your stroll in Movi and enjoy great food with an open kitchen.

Konoba Ma:Toni

Best restaurants in Split - Konoba Ma:Toni

Ma:Toni (also known as Matoni) is one of the most famous konobas in Split, located in the Bacvice area. Konoba is a restaurant characteristic for Split and Dalmatia noting a Mediterranean cuisine, usually with a modern twist, but still with all the best ingredients and popular flavors. Ma:Toni is always listed as one of the best restaurants in Split, and rightfully so.

Konoba Ostarija u Vidakovi

Best restaurants in Split - Konoba Ostarija u Vidakovi

Right next to Ma:Toni is konoba Ostarija u Vidakovi, a more traditional konoba restaurant with traditional food, homemade meals mostly prepared in advance as daily dishes. Besides its interior, konoba Vidakovi has a large terrace outdoors, where you can enjoy your meal surrounded by greenery with the smell of the sea.

Konoba Nevera

Best restaurants in Split - Konoba Nevera

Konoba Nevera in the Bacvice area is one of the most popular fish restaurants in Split, located near the famous Bacvice promenade. Here you can enjoy freshly caught fish but also in amazing meat dishes and local vegetables. Pair it with some local wine and you get the full Split experience.

Café-restaurant Dvor

Best restaurants in Split - Café-restaurant Dvor

Just opposite Nevera on the seaside is the café-restaurant Dvor, one of the most beautiful places to eat in Split. The restaurant is located just above the beach and the sea and has one of the most beautiful seating areas in a restaurant in Split. The food is also amazing, very tasty and modern, but still remaining true to its Mediterranean heritage.

Restaurant Kalafatic

Best restaurants in Split - Restaurant Kalafatic

One of the most popular places to have coffee in Split is also a great pizzeria and restaurant, so if you don’t have the time to grab something to eat, at least have a coffee in the Zenta marina. Kalafatic offers affordable meals in a traditional ambiance, and the best place to eat is directly on the promenade overlooking the local marina where you can feel like a local.

Konoba Pimpinella

Best restaurants in Split - Konoba Pimpinella

Absolutely one of the most popular restaurants for the locals, who know where to eat well, is konoba Pimpinella in the Bacvice area. Located on a ground floor of a house, Pimpinella won’t catch your eye directly from the street, but if you want to eat good fresh fish, Pimpinella is the place to visit. Very traditional, very local and very tasty- those are its most common reviews.

Restaurant Boban

Best restaurants in Split - Restaurant Boban

Practically in the same street as Pimpinella, restaurant Boban offers you again a local feel and great fish you can only taste in Split. Boban is a family-owned restaurant with a long tradition, like some other restaurants on our list, making it a place to unwind and relax away from the crowds. We must recommend white fish caught in the Adriatic and shrimps.

Corto Maltese Freestyle food

Best restaurants in Split - Corto Maltese Freestyle food

One of the most popular restaurants in the strict city center is Corto Maltese restaurant. Like the following several restaurants on our list, Corto Maltese is a modern place with great food, burgers, pastas and salads. Visit Corto Maltese for a fun night out and a great start to your evening in Split.

Mazzgoon Food

Best restaurants in Split - Mazzgoon Food

Another popular restaurant in the city center is definitely restaurant Mazzgoon Food, with not only great meals but excellent seating area away from the streets. Mazzgoon offers you traditional food in modern variations, so prepare yourselves for a feast for all your senses. Try their pasta or meal dishes for the best experience.

Uje oil bar

Best restaurants in Split - Uje oil bar

As the motto of the restaurant says, they offer Dalmatian soul food, but we have to say that they are being modest. One of the first finger food restaurants in Split evolved through the years and became a go-to Dalmatian food destination, and its excellent position in the city center and dining area make it one of the top charming restaurant choices in Split.

Galerija Food

Best restaurants in Split - Galerija Food

Another amazing place in the city center is definitely Galerija Food restaurant. Together with the aforementioned restaurants in the Split city center, Galerija Food has brought a new light to authentic Mediterranean cuisine, offering traditional meals with modern arrangements and combinations. The terrace inside the stone walls surrounded by flowers is one of the most romantic restaurant terraces in Split.

Bokeria Kitchen & Wine bar

Best restaurants in Split - Bokeria Kitchen & Wine bar

Definitely one of the most popular restaurants in the Split center is Bokeria Kitchen & Wine bar. The amazing interior is a treat for your eyes, in combination with splendid location and super tasty food…what more can we add? No matter if you sit on the street, on the ground floor or upstairs, every inch of Bokeria has been thoughtfully planned and meticulously designed, and the food follows suit.

Bokamorra Pizzaurant & Cocktails

Best restaurants in Split - Bokamorra Pizzaurant & Cocktails

A younger sister of Bokeria restaurant is this unique pizzeria by the sea on Split’s famous west coast. It is hard to call it a pizzeria although it offers pizzas because Bokamorra is so much more. Its amazing interior, excellent pizza combinations you can’t taste anywhere else make Bokamorra a true gastro experience. Sip a cocktail and taste unexpected pizza combinations in one of the most beautiful pizzerias in the world (we are not exaggerating).

NoStress bistro

Best restaurants in Split - Nostress bistro

Always on the list as one of the best restaurants in Split and in Croatia is the bistro NoStress. The restaurant is located directly on the famous Pjaca square in the strict city center. The terrace of the restaurant offers a truly Mediterranean dining experience, so make sure you book your table on time since, like many other restaurants on the list, it is highly in demand.

Restaurant Nostromo

Best restaurants in Split - Restaurant Nostromo

Absolutely one of the best places to eat fish in Split is restaurant Nostromo, directly on the local fish market in the city center. The tradition, rich history, experienced chefs, and the best freshly caught fish in Split: all this is restaurant Nostromo and more. For first-class authentic seafood experience, book your table in Nostromo.

Wine & Cheese bar Paradox

Best restaurants in Split - Wine & Cheese bar Paradox

We might have already mentioned restaurant Paradox on a wine bar list but it also merits its place on our restaurant list. Although it is mostly known as a wine bar, Paradox offers an extensive menu of Mediterranean food and has one of the most amazing if not THE most amazing terrace for dining in Split city center away from noisy crowds.

Restaurant Articok

Best restaurants in Split - Restaurant Articok

Another modern and interesting restaurant in the Split city center is Articok, a place where you can taste great soups, meat and pasta, local wines, and a great variety of beers. This small and arty restaurant is the perfect choice for fusion food lovers, without compromising the quality and authenticity.

Restaurant Augubio Congo

Best restaurants in Split - Restaurant Augubio Congo

Situated in the secluded court of a unique aristocratic villa, just a few meters from the Golden gates and Peristil square, restaurant Augubio Congo offers Mediterranean food but also amazing meat and craft beers. Young chefs bring their own twists to an already adored Dalmatian cuisine and all that in a marvelous setting.

Restaurant Bajamonti

Best restaurants in Split - Restaurant Bajamonti

One of the most famous squares in Split is the Prokurative square, and this restaurant offers you premium seats to enjoy its beauty. Restaurant Bajamonti and its extensive terrace, classic interior, and great food is one of the most popular food destinations in Split, both in the summertime and all through the year.

Brasserie on 7

Best restaurants in Split - Brasserie on 7

As its own website says, Brasserie on 7 has an unrivaled location directly at the most famous waterfront promenade in Split – Riva. Brasserie on 7 is one of the most beautiful and most modern restaurants in Split, and besides the center stage seats on the Riva, the restaurant offers unique seafood, top-quality meat, vegetarian dishes, and fine wines.

Olive Tree fine dining lounge

Best restaurants in Split - Olive Tree fine dining lounge

Another amazing restaurant on this exclusive location is Olive Tree vintage café / fine dining/ lounge. The promenade Riva is the place to see and be seen in Split, so imagine eating wonderful food while watching the sea and the stars. If you don’t have the time to eat, sit here during the day for some coffee, or sip your cocktails in the evening.

Restaurant ZOI

Best restaurants in Split - Restaurant ZOI

Riva has other charming places which need to be mentioned, and restaurant ZOI is definitely one of them. Trust amazing online reviews and indulge yourself in Mediterranean cuisine offered by ZOI an unsurpassed location on the Riva promenade. This outstanding fine dining restaurant is one of Split’s best restaurants by far.

Chops Grill – steak & seafood

Best restaurants in Split - Chops Grill – steak & seafood

All meat lovers will love this restaurant located in the city center but in very peaceful surroundings. Chops Grill steak and seafood restaurant offers you excellent quality meat prepared in many different varieties, but also seafood for everyone’s tastes. The terrace of the restaurant offers you privacy in a beautiful location.

Restaurant Perivoj

Best restaurants in Split - Restaurant Perivoj

If eating on a promenade is not your thing, the restaurant Perivoj in a gated villa with a garden is for you. As the name itself says (Croatian for the garden), you will be dining under the stars in a sculpted enclosure, and the food here is an excellent fusion of Mediterranean recipes with a modern plug.

Restaurant Zrno Soli

Restaurant Zrno Soli

One of the fanciest restaurants in Split is by far the restaurant Zrno Soli located in the ACI marina Split. Its exclusive location is only a part of its appeal since some of the most famous Croatian chefs cook here. Zrno Soli offers fine dining and an extensive wine list for the most demanding palates.

Restaurant Adriatic Graso

Restaurant Adriatic Graso

In the same area of the ACI marina, you can eat very well in the restaurant Adriatic Graso. The beautiful terrace below Sustipan, overlooking the city of Split and the islands, are only some of the charms of Adriatic Graso. Known for excellent food and fair prices, Adriatic Graso is a great restaurant choice in Split.

Restaurant Split ex Jugo

Restaurant Split ex Jugo

Just opposite Adriatic Graso is another restaurant that locals love, restaurant Split known as Jugo. Jugo offers a more classic dining experience and locally grown food you can enjoy overlooking Split and marina. The menu offers traditional food so if you are up to something that tastes like local cuisine, Jugo restaurant will satisfy your needs.

Restaurant Re di Mare

Restaurant Re di Mare

On the west side of Split, there are several restaurants that offer a serene environment and delicious food, and restaurant Re di Mare is one of the finest. Located in marina Spinut, Re di Mare offers a beautiful terrace, traditional food, Mediterranean flavors, fine wines but also some more simple meals locally beloved.

Restaurant Lucica

Restaurant Lucica

Next to Re di Mare is another restaurant equally beautiful and traditional with enticing local food – restaurant Lucica. Lucica is another example of a great homemade food restaurant that locals love to visit, offering you popular Dalmatian dishes surrounded by the nature of hill Marjan and the Adriatic Sea in a small marina.

Restaurant Gusar

Restaurant Gusar

All aforementioned restaurants in the west part of Split are located in Spinut area, known for its green parks and small marinas. Gusar is a restaurant located directly by the sea, overlooking the boats, offering traditional food cooked with natural ingredients, freshly caught Adriatic Sea fish, locally grown vegetables and meat.

Restaurant Stari Mornar

Restaurant Stari Mornar

Stari Mornar is an authentic local restaurant located near football stadium Poljud, known for excellent food and home like atmosphere. Locals love coming here, especially on weekends, and this restaurant like some others on our list offers not only amazing popular food but also playgrounds for children and outside seating areas.

Konoba Hvaranin

Konoba Hvaranin

For those searching for a completely unpretentious dining experience in Split, we have selected several konobas in the strict city center. Konoba Hvaranin is one of the oldest konobas in Split and here you can enjoy traditional Dalmatian finger food, eat fish brought just hours ago by local fishermen, and enjoy in its simple and authentic interior.

Buffet Fife

Buffet Fife

Fife is probably one of the most popular unassuming places to eat in Split, rich with history and funny local anecdotes. Restaurant Fife is known for its local dishes cooked in huge quantities like “pasticada” or “fazol” since these classic dishes always taste better when cooked in bulks. Fish here is also always a good choice.

Konoba Sperun

Konoba Sperun

Another small and charming konoba in the Split center is definitely Sperun. Food here is very fresh and genuine, and the best meals are the simplest meals, which could also be a motto of Dalmatian cuisine. Try some fish with Swiss chard and a lot of olive oil, since there is nothing more Dalmatian than that.

Libar Eat & Drink

Libar Eat & Drink

Just next to konoba Sperun in the city center is a restaurant Libar, with amazing views of the promenade Riva and the sea. Libar offers you laid-back atmosphere, a beautiful location, and typical Dalmatian food. Visit Libar restaurant for a relaxing dining experience and smart wines on your easygoing night out in Split.

Konoba Marul

Konoba Marul

Konoba Marul is located on one of the most popular squares in Split – the Vocni trg. Marul is a traditional restaurant with fish and meat from local surroundings, all prepared with care according to traditional Dalmatian recipes. You may sit on the square on wooden benches or enjoy in the habitual Dalmatian interior of konoba Marul.

Pizzeria Gušt

Pizzeria Gust

If you’re searching for a small pizzeria with history and Dalmatian style, pizzeria Gust in the city center is an excellent choice. This pizzeria is one of the oldest in Split and still serves typical pizzas made in bread ovens in all usual styles. You can also order a take-out and enjoy original Gust pizza in your accommodation in Split.

Pizzeria Galija

Pizzeria Galija

One of the most popular pizzerias in Split is pizzeria Galija in city center near Marmontova Street. Galija has always been very popular among the locals, but has also proved to be equally appealing to tourists, thanks to its original recipes, unusual interior and terrace seating area. Galija is always packed with people but it is worth the wait.

Pizzeria Skipper

Pizzeria Skipper

Pizza can also be enjoyed overlooking the city of Split and ACI marina in the pizzeria Skipper. Skipper pizza is also famous for its pizza-by-meters where you can combine several pizzas all into one. The pizzeria is owned by one of the most famous singers in Croatia – Petar Graso, so keep an eye on pizzas named after him since they are the best.

To conclude, it really wasn’t easy choosing the best restaurants in Split in order to make this list, but we believe we managed to show you at least a glimpse of Split’s gastronomy. There are of course restaurants we omitted without any specific reason, but considering the way Split’s restaurant scene blossoms, we might post a new list any time so keep an eye on us…

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