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Bacvice Beach Split Croatia

If you are looking for beaches in Split near the port, there is just one answer – Bacvice beach Split Croatia!

Bacvice beach is a natural phenomenon in the heart of the city and also the most popular sandy beach in the center. The beach is only 1 km away from the center of Split. You can reach it on foot in just 10 minutes by heading in the direction of the main bus station and the ferry port. Just cross the bridge and you will already see the sandy bay.

During the day Bacvice is a promenade all ages enjoy, as well as a place where local and foreign swimmers come to chill out, while at night the resort “transforms” into the center of entertainment for young people.

When somebody mentions Bacvice beach Split Croatia the reason is probably picigin, and how could it not be when this game was invented and perfected in this very bay and from 2005 Bacvice hosts the world championship in Picigin. The score of the game is not kept in the usual way, but it comes down to which team can perform more attractive stunts to keep the ball in the air using their palms.

Perhaps Bacvice’s most valuable specialty is the shallow water that is suitable for this game, as well as for the entertainment of the little ones, who use the sand to shape sandcastles and other fantasies.

Bacvice beach, Split, Croatia

Advantages of Bacvice beach Split Croatia

The capacity of the beach allows for over ten thousand bathers.

On the northern and western entrances to Bacvice beach, parking lots for cars are located. Therefore, it is possible to reach the beach by car, which is certainly a big advantage.

Above the main, sandy part of the beach, there is a famous café Zbirac, where you can “hide” from the heat and enjoy a drink. On the beach itself, you can rent beach chairs and sun umbrellas if you are looking for protection from the hot sun.

If you bring valuable items with you, you can rent lockers to leave your stuff safe while bathing.

The western part of the coast has another restaurant in the open and an outdoor gym which is equipped with various exercise equipment.

Outdoor gym on Bacvice beach

Close to the eastern entrance to the beach is one of the best hotels – Hotel Park. In the same area, you can find an ATM, a corner shop, as well as a rack for parking bicycles. Along the eastern coast, there is a hospitality complex, which has numerous cafes, fast food kiosks, restaurants, a children’s playroom, a water amusement park and famous nightclubs, popular among young people of Split as well among foreign visitors.
We have to mention that on both sides there are baths with shower drinking water, which can be used free of charge.

Some disadvantages of the Bacvice beach Split

One of the not-so-pleasant things you need to be aware of before visiting this beach is that it is a beautiful sandy bay which some ugly concrete parts.

Also, this beach is quite a rare example of a beach with a blue flag, while there are no public toilets. So it does not hurt to take some money with you to avoid unpleasant views waiters who reluctantly give you a way to the toilets for those who do not spend in their facilities.

The sea is clear most of the year, as well as on other beaches in Split. However, there are periods when the seagrass is often thrown to the shore by waves, as well as the blur of the sand.

In addition, be aware that due to its proximity to the city center and the sandy bottom, which is attractive to many, during the heart of the season Bacvice will most be crowded. So if you are one of those who dream of the ideal vacation on a desert island, this might not be the best location for you. Fortunately, Split has a quite diverse coastline and certainly has a lot to offer for those looking for peace and solitude.

In conclusion, apart from the crowd and the lack of public toilets (which anyway you will not find on most other beaches in town) Bacvice are better equipped than other beaches, the nearest of all the beaches in Split near the port and the city center, so it offers almost all of the content a typical visitor might require.

Map of Bacvice Beach

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