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Split Nightlife

People drinking in the club

One of the inevitable activities on a trip for most tourists includes checking the nightlife of the city they travel to (even if you are not the partying type), and this is why you should experience the nightlife in Split at least for one night.

The city of Split is enjoying its tourist renaissance in the last couple of years, and its nightlife has never been better. Whether you want to go clubbing in the hottest clubs in Split or have a pub crawl all over town, sip the best wine while you nibble authentic cheese in a wine bar inside the palace – Split has it all, and we are here giving you the best of the best!

Nightclubs in Split

We will start our virtual nightlife in Split tour with the most popular nightclubs in Split: Central club, Tropic, Vanilla and Quasimodo.

#1 Central club

People dancing in Split Central Club

Although it is the youngest club on this list it has already become a traditional clubbing destination and will probably be the club you come back to during your night out in Split. The Central Club has amazing location in the strict city center; it is big, modern, superbly designed, and has the best European DJs followed by attractive dancers. If you haven’t been to Ultra Split but want to get the feeling, then Central club is the place for you.

#2 Tropic club

People dancing in Tropic club in Split Croatia

All clubs in Split are more crowded and popular during the summer, but this club is the first club most people have in mind for hot summer nights. The Tropic Club is located on the famous beach Bacvice and is only a few minutes by foot from the city center. It is surrounded by other bars so it is also a great place for end of your pub crawl. Music varies from popular Croatian music to the most popular hits from world music charts.

#3 Vanilla club

Young people dancing in Vanilla bar

Another club in Split ideal for summer nights, since it has a large terrace, is the Vanilla club. You will definitely need a car to get there, but it’s worth it. This club is very popular among people from Split so if you want to party with the citizens of Split, this is the place to go and listen to the popular music of Croatia and the world. Most people you see in the city hitting the bars will end their night in Vanilla club.

#4 Quasimodo

Karaoke in Quasimodo club

For everyone with a bit more alternative taste in music, Quasimodo nightclub in Split is the place to go. The atmosphere, décor, music, people, everything is here for those searching for something more alternative. Rock, British, hipster (it had to be said), diverse, multicultural, indie and relaxed are the words that come to mind when thinking about Quasimodo club. Like all the clubs on the list, Quasimodo has its nightly programs and different vibes, so maybe you should check their plans for the night you want to go out in Split.

Bars in Split

The city of Split and its nightlife has always been strongly intertwined with its strong bar scene, especially in the city center. People from Split are notorious for their love or coffee during the day and beer or wine at night, so much that many don’t even visit the clubs after hours, but spend their night out only in popular Split bars. There are so many bars you can encounter literally on every street corner in the city center, but here we have accentuated these three bars.

#1 Luxor

Interior of Luxor bar in Split

No introduction into Split nightlife and its bars are complete without bar Luxor. Its unique position on the most famous square Peristil gives it an incomparable advantage, and if you add a mix of live music; tango dancing under the stars in front of the entrance to the Diocletian’s cellars, then you need no further persuading to visit it. Take a pillow and sit on the ancient stairs and just immerse yourself in the Mediterranean smells, sounds and tastes of Luxor bar, have a glass of wine or something to eat at this unique location in Split.

#2 Terminal F

Bar of Terminal club

Another great place for a beer, a glass of wine, or a cocktail on your night out in Split is the Terminal F bar. Newly built and just at the entrance to the most famous promenade in Split – the Riva, Terminal F is a great place to unwind and enjoy during your holidays in Split. The bar is located inside a new building on Riva, just next to the ferry port, perched over Roman ruins and archaeological findings, and is a great place to grab a bite during the day or relax in the evening.

#3 Leopold’s Craft Beer

Exterior of Leopold's bar

For all those searching for a more alternative bar and some great craft beer which you can choose from a rich international offer, Pivnica (pub) Leopold is a great place to have a pint. The pub Leopold is located in the city center, just on the north side of the city theater and near the Central club. It is not only a great place to get good beer and listen to great music, but also a place to get away from the crowds and enjoy drinking beer with the locals on your night out in Split.

Wine bars in Split

Describing nightlife in Split without a special reflection on its wine bars and wine scene, in general, would be a blasphemy, and we simply could not allow you to go out in Split and not try the best Croatian wines in an authentic interior of Split city wine bars. Each wine bar offers more than just wine, so be prepared to taste some of the most amazing wine, cheese and fruit combinations that would please even the most demanding palates.

#1 Paradox Wine & Cheese Bar

Paradox wine bar

One of the first wine bars in Split is certainly the Paradox wine & cheese bar in the strict city center. Paradox offers you a range of the best Croatian wines from all Croatian regions in a supreme combination with homemade cheese, olive oil, salads and marmalades (oh yes). The exquisite wines of the islands of Hvar, Brac, or peninsula of Peljesac, all ripened under hot Dalmatian sun will maybe be the best start of your first tour of the nightlife in Split, so make sure you are a bit hungry to get the complete experience of Split wine bars.

#2 Marcvs Marvlvs Spalatensis

Marcvs Marvlvs Spalatensis wine bar in Split

Imagine tasting Dalmatian wine in the birth house of one of the most famous citizens of Split in its entire history. Well, that’s what you get in the Marcvs Marvlvs Spalatensis wine bar in the strict center of Split called Get. The citizen in question is the famous writer Marko Marulic whose statue you can see on the Vocni square near promenade Riva. This wine bar offers you not only amazing wine but also a coffee bar and a library in its unique classical interior so make sure you put it on your Split nightlife list.

#3 Zinfandel Food & Wine

People eating and drinking in Zinfandel

The perfect place to enjoy good live music with some wine and food is the Zinfandel Food & Wine bar, located near the aforementioned Riva and Vocni square. Its charm lies not only in its great location inside the palace but also in the atmosphere of complete interweaving with the people on the street and sizzling nightlife, but still being comfortable and away from the crowds. Taste the best wines, listen to relaxing live music and prepare yourself for a night in Split in Zinfandel bar.

Casino Split

If you’re feeling particularly lucky during your vacation in Split, then a casino is a must-see stop on your Split nightlife tour. A casino is a great place to spend your evening after dinner, if party, loud music and a lot of alcohol doesn’t do it for you. Who knows, maybe just being in this area is a little nudge of luck you just might need.

Admiral Platinum Casino Split

Roulette machines in Casino

The only real casino in Split is Admiral Platinum Casino Split located behind the luxurious hotel Atrium. The casino boasts all kinds of live games, organized poker tournaments, roulette, and slot machines.

Some of the live games you can play at Admiral Platinum Casino are American roulette, Blackjack, Texas Hold’em, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, and Oasis Poker. Those seeking more adrenaline can sign up for organized poker tournaments in the casino with highly professional and pleasant croupiers.

Besides games, Admiral Platinum Casino Split offers you a complete experience with excellent drink offers and music events. All amenities in the casino are exclusive, luxurious and are perfect surroundings for a night of fun and hopefully luck.

Everyone coming to Split, who wants to try their luck at gambling while on holiday, will surely enjoy Admiral Platinum Casino Split – the only five-star Casino in the city.

Pub Crawl

Girl drinking in the club

If you are traveling alone but want to party with a group of people who like the same types of clubs and bars as you, or you just don’t want to think where you should go next, join popular pub crawls (or bar crawls) in Split.

Split nightlife is very rich even though the city probably isn’t as big as the one you might be coming from, so sometimes it can feel so good to let someone fun, in-the-know and experienced help get you around the city.

A pub crawl in Split can start on different locations in the strict city center, somewhere outside of the city, or even in another town, and can be different depending on the music you like listening to, the kind of clubs you like, or the area you want to visit.

Most popular pub crawls include a predefined club list, a time period with free unlimited drinks that could last for hours and sometimes even a pizza or a breakfast. Imagine getting it all with a local guide who knows how to mix sightseeing and clubbing; now that is a great way to spend a night in Split!

As you can see Split nightlife is as rich as can be, with so many various types of bars and clubs and ways of spending your time here, so we hope that this list has helped you a bit. We have only scratched the surface of everything Split has to offer, but these small pointers could come in handy if you’re reluctant about what to choose.

The main rule which applies everywhere in the world, as well as in Split, is to be relaxed, open-minded and surrounded by good energy both inside and outside, and you will enjoy among different things to do in Split, no matter where the feet take you. We hope you enjoy visiting our city as much as we love living here.

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