Island of Solta Croatia

Facing Split, the island of Solta Croatia is a natural destination for all who enjoy sailing. What is more, they are frequently accompanied by others who are also attracted by the diversity and beauties of the island.

Starting from charming bays and small archipelago in front of its western coast, there are villages and two large bays on the north coast, but also the almost deserted south coast devoted to fishermen. A valid reason to spend multiple days cruising around the island might be a visit to one of four towns there as well. Solta is definitely a destination worth of a thorough exploration. It is also a destination rich with compelling history.

The Solta island has managed to preserve a lot of it untouched natural beauties and settlements which appear as if they come from times long gone. The story about history and natural beauties of Solta might be too long; however, we will do our best to describe some of the most attractive coves and villages.

Maslinica on Solta island Croatia

Arial view on Maslinica Solta

A favorite of many, this is a small settlement by the sea which has more or less remained unchanged for a long time. A tiny fishing port with houses arranged in several rows around the bay, a thick pine tree forest on the south, masterfully restored baroque castle that belonged to Marchi family and transformed into a luxurious resort which is also a home to an elegant restaurant Conte Aleberti. Apart from the castle itself, a few other historic estates have been restored to their original glory.

Pleasures of Maslinica are enjoyed by everyone, from yacht crews anchored in front of the hotel, passengers of a few sightseeing boats who dock to the northern side of the shore, to the guests in the castle and tourists in apartment arrangements.

All in all, Maslinica is a place you will fall in love with instantly and we highly recommend you pay it a visit during your stay in Dalmatia.

Sesula on island of Solta

Boat in front of Sesula on Solta

The bay of Sesula has been created to shelter numerous boats and ships during strong windstorms, so it has become one of the most visited coves in the middle Dalmatian archipelago. By being in-drawn half a mile into the land, it resembles a fjord and gives out the impression of a safe haven to anyone seeking shelter from strong winds. Therefore if you decide to visit the island of Solta in your own arrangement by your vehicle, rest assured this is a good place to drop the anchor down.

Sesula is also a home to two exceptional restaurants, Šišmiš and Šešula, and it is also possible to anchor in front of them. Apart from the restaurants, there is a diving center and a fish farm nearby. Even thou there are several houses there, you will undoubtedly have a very peaceful and undisturbed environment to enjoy swimming.

Rogac – Solta island Croatia

Rogac on Solta Island Croatia

Rogac is located in the most distant part of the island, on the north side of Solta. It is the oldest coastal settlement on the island, formed in the past as a port of Grohote, which is the main port of the island today as well. Almost all passenger traffic to the Solta island goes through this port.

Thanks to the very central location and excellent transport connections, but also to the beautiful nature and numerous beaches, Rogac has become a destination in itself. It is ideal as a holiday destination should you want to explore the whole island during your stay, and yet really close to the appealing and peaceful beaches with crystal clear sea, since there are no restaurants and other entertainment establishments nearby.


Stomorska on the island of Solta

Only half a mile to the east of Rogac is Necujam, the biggest port on Solta island. There is also a tourist settlement and excursion site in a cove by the same name a bit farther to the east. Archaeological research has confirmed that a nearby southern cove Piškera hosted a fishery with the highest quality fish during the times of Emperor Diocletian.

It does not take long to realize the exquisiteness of the local old gastronomy traditions. On the coast there are tourist accommodations, numerous houses with small sandy and rocky beaches. Necujam offers many possibilities for a peaceful family stay, as well as many entertaining places for the youth. It is a popular anchoring spot for yachtsmen who socialize there in old fashioned ways.

Often there are companies from Split which arrive in small boats and then anchor next to each other. On each boat there is one family. Children swim around joyfully, men dive with underwater guns while women prepare dinner. Without a doubt this is place that has kept pristine atmosphere of a Dalmatian town and it is worth a visit.


Stomorska on the island of Solta Croatia

Another place located on the north side of the island is Stomorska, a place only 1.8 nautical miles away from Necujam port. Together with Maslinica, this is the most beautiful and oldest place on the Solta island. It is located at the foot of the shrine of Our Lady of Stomorija where in the early Middle Ages there was a Benedictine monastery, and it is assumed a settlement as well.

Although there was a lot of development in the past thirty years, a hotels was built as well, this place has retained its charm, bent around a small bay. Stomorska is an ideal tourist destination with an old soul, a place that in limited quantity offers everything a modern tourist needs and yet has not lost the charm of the old fishing village, the picturesque waterfront and beautiful beaches.

In conclusion, it is quite obvious that Solta really has a lot to offer to all kinds of visitors, especially to those interested in resting and enjoying intact nature. Undoubtedly a contribution to this is a fact that nearby islands of Brac and Hvar attract higher number of tourists, so the island of Solta Croatia still remains an unknown gem worth exploring. We recommend you visit this beautiful island at least for a day on our boat trips from Split, even if you have not planned it, since it can always be a place to go swimming as a part of a Blue Lagoon tour from Split.

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