Best Family Tours in Split Croatia

We bring you the list of the 5 best tours in Split Croatia while travelling with your kids and family.

#1 Blue Lagoon and Solta tour in Split Croatia

While many of the most attractive island destinations are at a relatively great distance from Split, Solta and Blue Lagoon are actually pretty close. Unlike other marine tours, this is the best family tour in Split Croatia. One very significant advantage of this trip is the low price of the package (42 euros) which includes lunch, so you will enjoy the all-day program without the usual worries of a parent. Relax during the one-day itinerary fish picnic, go swimming and diving at the most beautiful locations and deepen your family relationships with a traditional Dalmatian meal that is served on board.

#2 Krka Waterfalls & Sibenik tour from Split

This trip is probably best offer within the family friendly tours from Split because the itinerary is a blend of cultural attractions and natural beauty. Rarely does a program as this give you the ability to, on your way to the pristine natural oasis, discover the magic history of Mediterranean cultural jewels. We recommend this itinerary as it is harmonious. For example, a tour of the UNESCO sites in Sibenik lasts about an hour, which is not too long so there is no “danger” that the children get bored. This is an ideal opportunity to explore the two old towns of Sibenik and Skradin with your family but also enjoy the true beauty and nature the national park Krka. Swimming under waterfalls and a boat ride on the river Krka will be an unforgettable experience for you and your children.

#3 Mostar & Medjugorje tour from Split

Today, more than ever, it is necessary to nurture mutual respect. The beauty of this world is especially reflected in diversity. Understanding others and acceptance of others’ differences is not just a legacy of the Western world civilization, but also a vital condition for a survival of human race. In this context, Mostar and Medjugorje tour from Split is almost the perfect opportunity to put this in practice, since you will be able to see how the coexistence of two religions is very possible in a relatively small area. This is particularly prominent in Mostar, where the old bridge makes a connection between the Muslim and the Christian world. This is an ideal opportunity to teach your children tolerance and experience the magic of a multicultural setting.

#4 Plitvice lakes tour from Split

While the offer of best tours in Split Croatia for your kids and family mainly includes itineraries that are not significantly far from the city, in order to avoid long rides or sailing in the hot summer days, here we have to make an exception. The reason is that Plitvice is unique natural phenomenon to anywhere else on the planet. If you decide to go on this family tour from Split, get ready for a nearly 4-hour drive in each direction, as well as moderate amount of walking. However, we promise that you will not be disappointed when you see the numerous lakes and waterfalls that cascade one after another as in some kind of a fairy tale. While staying in Croatia, it is almost a sin not to visit this unique ecosystem.

#5 White water rafting tour from Split

It is no coincidence that we decided to describe this tour the last on our offer of 5 best tours in Split Croatia. The reason is that this tour includes one objective exception. This activity is not recommended for children younger than 4 years old, so it is not an ideal choice if you have a baby with you during your vacation. If you do not, we recommend that you consider this arrangement as well. Whitewater rafting takes place on the river Cetina, near Split. Water levels, especially in the summer days, are not really high so there are not too many rapids. Rafting on the river is not too dynamic, so it is absolutely not dangerous, but it is also a great opportunity to spend a day with your family in the fresh air and go swimming in the crystal clear waters of the river. In addition to beautiful environment, your kids will surely be grateful for the sport adventure that you provided for them.

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