People dancing in Central Club Split

Central Club Split

Girl dancing in the Central Club Split

It has finally happened! Split opened the door to a club fitting its natural beauty and historical attractions. The Central Club Split is located in the place of the most popular movie theater in the strict center of the city, just outside the walls of the Diocletian’s palace. We won’t say that Split didn’t have nightclubs before club Central, but nothing even close to the quality of this newest addition to the nightlife of this amazing city.

A central place for the best entertainment

First and foremost, the location of the Central Club Split could not get any better; this was also one of the reasons why the club inherited the name of the aforementioned movie theater. Since the space itself has great meaning to the people, it was only befitting that the club emerging at this location is the proper heir to its former glory.

Central Club Split can fit around 1000 people, it has 3 VIP zones on 2 floors, 4 bars and a dance floor in front of the DJ booth, while one special VIP zone is located behind the DJ booth so the guests could enjoy the company of the DJ hosting the night. The space is as exclusive as it gets with an amazing interior, so when you step inside you could be anywhere in the world, from New York to Ibiza.

One of the main differences between club Central and other clubs in Split is also the program, specifically selected for each day of the week. This means that every single night of the week you will get the opportunity to make it a weekend night, with the club hosting various theme parties, music and visual effects. And we could not speak about visual effects without mentioning amazing acrobats and beautiful dancers, tastefully enriching this already exquisite space.

Special themes and clubbing nights

Since the interior was mostly influenced by movie culture and the historical background of the club, the first night of the week is dedicated to the movies, with a large LCD screen showing movie classics accompanied by music lifting the entire atmosphere to new heights.

On Tuesday the „Garden of Art“ night will host amazing performers and dancers, bringing exotic vibes to the heart of the Mediterranean.

On Friday nights „La Fiesta“ will bring you the best DJs in the world and their audio magic will be accompanied by visual magic of areal acrobats of the famous Cirque de Soleil, hanging from the ceiling on silk ropes.

The Saturdays are reserved for „Age of Gold“ night, bringing you disco fever mashed up with contemporary House music, combining the best from both worlds and eras.

All this was specifically chosen to give every visitor something according to his taste since it would be impossible not to enjoy in at least one night of the week.

Since the club is opened every night it is also perfect for everyone coming to Split, so if your trip doesn’t bring you to Split on a weekend night, in club Central you could still enjoy in a full party atmosphere which should be the norm in all tourist centers anywhere on the Adriatic coast.

Electronic music loves Split

The most famous electronic music festival ULTRA is organized in Split each summer at the football stadium and since it came to Split everything has changed, but still a club like Central was missing. This meant that all other bars and clubs would transform themselves into Ultra fan zones although they weren’t popular as such clubs in Split the rest of the year, leaving true fans of this type of music high and dry all other seasons except for the summer.

Central Club Split has finally brought an end to that, making Split the best place for parties. The D&B sound system, the best and most modern video screens, light effects, ventilation systems, make club Central one of the most modern clubs in Croatia with its state-of-the-art quality in every sense of the word. This is also thanks to the investors who recognized Split as the best destination and didn’t spare a dime when creating this 21st-century club. Designer Duje Kaliterna made sure that Central has all the best traits of his work, already proven the best in several other clubs on the Adriatic coast.

Finally, this is a club built not just for the owners to gain profit out of the touristic renaissance happening to Split in the last few years, but also for all the locals who know that although you could have fun by singing in local clubs to popular Croatian songs, Central Club Split is on another level. Speaking of levels, the club could be separated into completely different sectors, allowing several completely different parties to take place on the same night, so there truly is something here for everybody!

Location of Central club Split

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