Stiniva beach on Vis Island Croatia

Stiniva beach Vis Island Croatia

Stiniva beach on Vis Island, Croatia

If you have Googled anything about summer in Croatia, it is highly likely that a silhouette of Stiniva beach appeared on your desktop. The usual first reaction to Stiniva beach on the Croatian island of Vis is: Oh my God! How can I get there?! The recent European Best Destinations award for the best European beach of 2016 went to Stiniva beach, proving its inviting charm to tourists worldwide. The island of Vis is one of the most popular islands in South Croatia and its Stiniva beach is a definite must-see if you find yourselves in this area.

Where is Stiniva beach Vis Island Croatia?

Stiniva beach is located on the south side of the island of Vis in the eponymous Stiniva Bay. The bay is 600 meters long and 100 meters wide, but the beach is only 35 meters long, with a seaside entrance that is only 5 meters wide. The beach is made of pebbles, surrounded by steep cliffs and accessible from the island’s mainland and the sea.

How to get to Stiniva bay?

To get to Stiniva beach you must travel first to the island of Vis, logically. If you are located on the island of Vis then you will easily reach it from all sides of Vis, because the island is rather small and easy to get around. But it still doesn’t mean you will get to Stiniva that easily. Stiniva bay is located below the hamlet of Žižec, west of Mala Travna bay. If you’re coming from the seaside by boat, prepare yourselves to swim between the cliffs descending into the sea, and then get back to your boat. If you’re going to Stiniva from the island’s side, turn your hiking mode on. The only way to visit Stiniva by foot is by hiking a narrow dirt path for about 20 minutes. Going down please be careful not to fall, but coming back up you will need a swim to cool off again. This is probably the only beach in the world you can reach by following hiking markings you usually see only on mountains.

What is there to see at Stiniva beach on Vis Island?

If the mere beauty of the beach and its unique shape isn’t enough for you, you can take a look around several fishermen’s houses located directly on the beach. These houses are protected as a Natural reserve, as well as the beach. Stiniva beach is also very attractive to all lovers of the sea depths and water underworld, so enjoy diving at the mouth of Stiniva beach. Take care of the boats sailing to Stiniva and you’re good to go.

What should I wear to visit Stiniva beach on Vis Island in Croatia?

If you’re coming from the seaside by boat to Stiniva beach, you can only reach it by swimming because it is not allowed to enter the beach by boat. This means that all you need is your swimsuit, but if you want to sunbathe on the beach Stiniva, it is only possible to do that if you put your towel in something waterproof. If you’re coming to Stiniva from the island by the hiking path, wear something with a better grasp of your foot and be careful so you don’t slip or fall. People take this path every day, even small children, but it is always good to be careful.

What is the best time to visit Stiniva beach in terms of the year or time of the day?

As you can presume, Stiniva is crowded during the summer because it is quite small and very popular. Of course, it is always better to visit it in pre-season or post-season, but if you are at Vis in July or August you will love it either way. In terms of the time of the day to visit Stiniva on Vis Island, you need to know that the cliffs and the position of the beach inside of the bay don’t let a lot of sun in all day long. If you come in the morning or early afternoon you will catch some sun rays at the beach for sure. The sea is not deep within the bay of Stiniva so you will be able to enjoy the warmth of the Adriatic Sea, but still, get enough refreshment by swimming at Stiniva.

Can I reach Stiniva beach and island of Vis in one day and come back to Split?

If you want to visit the island of Vis and Stiniva beach and then get back to Split all in one day, you can always take the ferry from ferry port Split. However, this would take the entire day of traveling and very little time spent on Vis and at Stiniva beach. A day tour to Vis Island and Stiniva beach is definitely the best and the most effective way to enjoy Stiniva and Vis. By booking a direct tour to Stiniva beach you will get to Stiniva quickly and safely, not to mention that a trip to Stiniva can include a visit to the famous Blue Cave on Bisevo Island. Our daily excursions can be in groups or private so we can always feel the pulse of our guests and adjust the tour to you. If you’re coming to Split or an area of Split, it would be a shame not to have a day at the island of Vis on one of the most beautiful and famous European beaches, the beach of Stiniva.

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