Slackline in Split – Sustipan

One of the not to miss sights for all our nature loving visitors to Split, apart from the so called “green lungs of the city” park Marjan – the biggest natural polygon for outdoor sport activities, is definitely Sustipan park Split.

A former municipal graveyard, nowadays transformed into a beautiful green zone, Sustipan is located on the west side of the city harbor. The view into every direction is truly magnificent. On southwest side is the formerly mentioned Marjan, which is a beauty on its own, while docking terminals for big cruise ships are on the east. What is more, a convenient panorama of the Diocletian’s palace is also there.

On southeast side, directly under charming peninsula, there is an ACI marina, with 30 fixed and 318 floating anchor points. A partially steep cliff ideally plays host to all admirers of free climbing, especially deep water solo style. A number of restaurants and café bars can be found in the marina, as well as laundry services and charter agencies that rent and sell watercraft vehicles. Going away from the marina towards the city center is newly redesigned west coast, which provides a quick passage for reaching Sustipan.

South most side of the park provides a view of the Adriatic Sea and nearby islands of Ciovo, Solta, Brac and Hvar. Alluring sea, just a few hundred meters away from the city center, presents the opportunity of swimming in crystal clear water to visitor after just a ten minute walk. West side of the park is occupied by a big outdoor swimming pool.

Numerous times this park has attracted our attention for its diverse possibilities, such as riding bicycles, swimming, hiking etc. However, one of the most unusual types of activity we have encountered here is surely slacklining – perhaps not a so well-known sport and a way of recreation. Slacklining refers to the use of elastic strip connected to two anchor points to walk on while balancing and performing various acrobatics and stunts.

The most interesting part of this activity in Sustipan, apart from how easily accessible it is to even the most inexperienced who would like to master the art of balancing, is openness of the local group of slackliners who never miss an opportunity to go out on a sunny day and have fun. The group we encountered during one of our visit was so approachable and they allowed us to try out their equipment at spot, which we gladly did.

After a few tries, we have discovered how easy it is to stay balanced “in the air” and taking into account how much fun we had, this has actually become one of our favorite leisure time activities in Split.

Therefore, should you decide to visit this park, there is a high possibility of us meeting there and we are looking forward to it!

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