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Split Islands

If you’re enjoying your holidays in Split and you just wandering which island to visit from Split Croatia, for some island hopping or you want to spend more time on one of the Split islands, then some of this information might be useful.

Besides being the second-largest city in Croatia, Split is also a big traffic hub with the airport, ferry port and train station connecting Split to almost entire Europe. The ferry port in Split is the main stop on your way to visit the nearby islands.

But which island to visit from Split?

Some of the most popular Croatian islands are located in the Split archipelago and can be reached from Split by ferries or catamarans in 30 minutes or more. The biggest, closest and most popular islands which you can visit from Split are Brac, Solta, Hvar, Vis, Lastovo and Korcula.

11 Best islands to visit near Split Croatia

#1 Hvar Island

Square on Split Island of Hvar

The island of Hvar is a bit further away from Split, but still close enough for a day trip to one of the most popular Croatian islands in the world. Hvar is known for nightclubs, posh restaurants, and beautiful beaches with lounge bars. Next to Hvar is a small group of islands called Paklinski islands with some of the best restaurants in Croatia. 

How to get from Split to Hvar?

The most common way to get from Split to Hvar is by using the ferry. The ferry route from Split to Hvar is currently served by four companies: Jadrolinija, Kapetan Luka, TP Line and Adriatic Fast Ferries. In the high season it runs from 13 to 19 times per day, in total 122 times weekly from Split city. In the low season it goes 2 or 3 journeys daily, in total 15 times weekly.

How long is the ferry from Split to Hvar island?

Journey time is between 45 minutes to 2:15 hours depending on the route. 

Where is the island of Hvar?

#2 Brac Island

Bol beach on Brac Island near Split

The island of Brac has the best ferry lines to and from Split so you can have a daily excursion to Brac, go for a swim on one of the most popular Croatian beaches – The Golden cape in Bol; enjoy premium olive oil and homemade food in Supetar, or enjoy a bicycle ride around Sutivan and Bobovisca.

How long is the ferry from Split to Brac island?

It takes only 30 minutes to get to Brac and you have ferries all day long. However, since it is so close to Split, you can even sleep in Split, enjoy the day on Brac and get back in the city in the evening.

How far is Brac island from Split?

#3 Solta Island

Beach on Solta island

The island of Solta is a small island next to the island of Brac and although it is so close to Brac they don’t have that much in common. Brac being much bigger, while the island of Solta kept its quaint charm and wild nature, especially on the south side of the island. The largest island settlements are Rogac, Maslinica and Necujam. Maslinica is probably the most picture-perfect place because of the amazing Martinis Marchi castle in the village. Solta is perfect for Robinson’s type of tourism, although all Dalmatian islands have their intact natural spots.

Where is locaded Solta island?

#4 Vis Island

Boats in front of Vis

The island of Vis has been receiving more popularity in recent years even though it will take you a couple of hours to reach it by ferry from Split. Vis is the perfect combination of subtle Mediterranean charm and serene nature with only two small towns of Vis and Komiza, and small villages scattered across the island. The famous Stiniva beach is located on the south side of Vis, and since the island is so small you can easily visit its famous bays and coves by a rental boat. Here you can find more information about the island of Vis in Croatia.

How far is Vis Island from Split?

#5 Paklinski Islands

Paklinski archipelago islands near Split

The Paklinski Islands are close to the city of Hvar and you can visit them by boat all day long. The most famous place on Paklinski or Pakleni islands is Palmizana, a secluded cove on the south side of the island known for its gastronomy and famous restaurants and lounge bars. Besides food enjoy walking in the beautiful nature and visit the botanical garden with hundreds of indigenous plants.

Where are Paklinski islands?

#6 Bisevo Island

Bisevo Island, Split-Dalmatia County

The island of Bisevo is just opposite Vis and the town of Komiza and it is the home to one of the most beautiful natural wonders on the Adriatic – The Blue Cave. The Blue Cave tour is the must-see tour you should take during your vacation. The blue light piercing through the cave walls will be a memory you’ll cherish forever. You can enter the cave by a small boat and spend some time in it where the sea, cave, and the sun form a unique canvas together.

Where is Bisevo island?

#7 Ciovo Island

People on the beach on Ciovo island

The island of Ciovo is the only island on this list which you can reach by boat and by car. Ciovo is so close to the mainland and the town of Trogir that it has a small bridge connecting them to each other. This is also the reason why many people fail to recognize that Ciovo is an island. Although it is almost a part of Trogir from one side, the other side of Ciovo is more wild and natural. Take a boat ride to the other side and enjoy in stone coves and wild beaches of Ciovo.

Location of Ciovo Island

#8 Drvenik Veli

People swimming on the Split island Drvenik veli

The island of Veli Drvenik is one of the islands in the archipelago of Split and Trogir, known for its Blue Lagoon – a shallow bay with the most turquoise sea where you can go swimming and snorkeling all day. Although you can’t get there by ferry from Split, you can book your boat tour to Blue lagoon and enjoy a private boat ride with your family and friends to Croatia’s Blue Lagoon.

Where is Drvenik Veli?

#9 Scedro Island

Boat in Scedro bay

The island of Šćedro is another island near Hvar where you can have a daily excursion with a boat, just to taste amazing food, especially organic lamb. Scedro is known for beautiful beaches, privacy and intimacy like nowhere else.

Location of Scedro island

#10 Lastovo Island

Lastovo nature park

The island of Lastovo is further away from Split so you would have to take the longest ferry ride to get there, but it is definitely worth it. Lastovo is a paradise on Earth, natural, intact, preserved and unspoiled. It isn’t an island for you if you’re searching for a party island, but if you want to listen to crickets on an empty stone beach by a lighthouse, then Lastovo is the place to go. Almost the entire island is a natural forest park and some of the best shrimps and lobsters are being caught in the crystal clear sea of Lastovo, so you will be able to enjoy amazing homemade cuisine.

Where is Lastovo island?

#11 Korcula Island

Beach on Korcula island near Split

The island of Korcula is the last one on our list since it is the furthest to the south, near Dubrovnik. The island is covered in vineyards and olive gardens since it is something that all Dalmatian islands have in common. The town of Korcula is a fortified town near the Peljesac peninsula, so besides being close to Dubrovnik it will remind you of it, too. Besides Korcula, also try to visit the towns of Vela Luka and Lumbarda.

Korcula is like all these islands a great place to ride your bicycle, but since it is not as close to Split as Brac, Solta or Hvar; you should consider sleeping over on Korcula as well on Vis and Lastovo.

Where is Korcula island?

All islands in the Split archipelago may seem similar due to the same climate, forests, and herbs, or the architecture, but once you visit them you will realize how different they are, and by visiting one you will surely miss something on another island. So spend more time in this area and try to immerse yourself into the culture, nature, gastronomy and life on islands near Split.

Explore the best 5 islands near Split!

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