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Places To Visit From Split Croatia

Since in the last couple of years Split has become more than just a stop on the way to other popular destinations, but a great spot where to be based during your Croatian vacation, we bring you the list of best places to visit from Split!

Of course, you can spend your time immersing yourself in the ambiance, gastronomy and culture of Split, but if you want to explore more deeply Central Dalmatia, then you need to think beyond the city itself.

Split is a popular transport hub for the entire Dalmatia which makes it the perfect starting point for an all-day adventure on the islands, national parks, waterfalls near Split or nearby towns.

Cities on the Dalmatian coast

If you’re more of an urban-type, maybe staying on the mainland and exploring the cities on the coast would be the best option for your quick stop. The first city on our list is the magnificent Dubrovnik, followed by other smallest but also gorgeous towns like Omis, Sibenik and Trogir.

#1 Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik city

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Dubrovnik needs no special introduction or further persuasion because it is one of the most popular cities in the world. If you’re not staying in Dubrovnik then you might as well profit from its vicinity to Split and visit it in 24 hours. Climb the walls and see the city from above, visit Lovrjenac fortress, Sponza and Rector’s palace or enjoy a boat ride to the island of Lokrum just opposite of Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik can be reached from Split in just several hours and you will have some time in one day just to get the feeling of its majestic history, so make sure you give it more time in the future. Dubrovnik is definitely worth the praise, but Split is equally beautiful and perhaps more thrilling.

#2 Omis

View on Omis city

There are many alternative things to do in Split, but if by alternative things you mean adventure sports – then Omis is the place to go. Rock climbing, rafting, kayaking, hiking, zip-lining, trail running, or off-road cycling – those are just some of the things you can do in 24 hours in Omis near Split. Another unusual thing that makes Omis so special is it’s famous a cappella festival in July. Omis and its surroundings have unique sandy beaches perfect for small children or beach volleyball and badminton. Other free things to do in Omis near Split include an opportunity to swim at the mouth of river Cetina and the Adriatic Sea at the same time.

#3 Sibenik

St. James Cathedral in Sibenik

Photo credit: Adventures Croatia

24 hours in Split can be more than just a day in Split, because of its location in the middle of Dalmatia. One of the towns you can visit from Split for a couple of hours and still come back to Split for dinner is Sibenik. People usually combine visit to Sibenik with the visit of national park Krka, but if you want to visit just Sibenik you will have more than enough time to enjoy in the city center, the cathedral of St.Jakov or the fortress of St.Mihovil. Some of the best Croatian restaurants are located in Sibenik so you could maybe make it a day-long visit from Split. Sibenik is also going through its tourist renaissance so you might be really pleased with the local offer.

#4 Trogir

Trogir town from the air

Photo credit: Dalmacijaplus

One of the places you can visit near Split is surely Trogir, a beautiful town enlisted on the UNESCO World Heritage site. Trogir is special not only because of its amazing history, but also its reflection in the ancient and medieval architecture everywhere you look. Make sure you check out the cathedral of St. Lovre, the fortress Kamerlengo, and the promenade Riva with a beautiful sunset. Some of the unusual things to do from Split include boat trips to the island of Drvenik with a stop in Trogir. The island of Ciovo is connected to Trogir by a bridge so you can always take a walk to the island, as funny as that sounds.

Island destinations in Central Dalmatia

Venture into the blue Adriatic Sea and spend a day on one of the islands in the archipelago of Split. Some of the places to visit from Split include the most beautiful islands you will ever set foot on.

#1 Blue Cave (Biševo Island)

Inside of the Blue Cave on Biševo island

Photo credit: korculavelaluka

One of the top destinations you can visit from Split even if you only have one day in this area is the mesmerizing Blue Cave on the island of Bisevo. Although the island of Bisevo seems quite remote from the coast and the city of Split, due to its immense popularity it is one of the top day excursions from Split. If you were wondering where to go in Croatia for beaches, then this tour is perfect for you, because it takes you not only to the Blue Cave but also to the famous beaches on the islands of Vis and Hvar. Some of the best places to visit from Split are a part of this popular Blue Cave tour.

#2 Blue Lagoon (Drvenik Veli)

Islands Drvenik Veli and Drvenik Mali

Another unusual thing you can do when in Split, is visiting the Blue Lagoon on the island of Drvenik near Split and Trogir. This daily tour includes a short boat ride, snorkeling and sunbathing in the Blue Lagoon, as well as a visit to the town of Trogir or the island of Solta, depending on the tour you choose. Spend a relaxing day on the sea and enjoy one of the rare sandy beaches on the island of Drvenik. On your way back to Split enjoy the sight of Split from the sea and its waterfront. By taking the Blue Lagoon tour from Split you will enjoy the experience of sailing into the port of Split.

#3 Maslinica (Solta Island)

Boat in front of Maslinica on Solta island

Maslinica is another beautiful place you can visit from Split if you only have a day in this area. It is a beautiful port on the island of Solta, famous for its marina and a hotel-castle Martinis Marchi. If you decide to spend a day in Split somewhere on the sea, a boat trip to Maslinica could be a perfect combination of relaxation and a getaway from city crowds. Maslinica can be a stop on your way to the Blue Lagoon, so in one day you can actually stop on two beautiful islands in the Split archipelago, and not spend too much time on the boat. The island of Solta is just opposite Split which makes it a great excursion even if you only have half a day.

#4 Hvar Town (Hvar Island)

Main square in Hvar town

Photo credit: Forget Someday

One of the best places to visit from Split is the town of Hvar on the island of Hvar. Hvar is one of the most popular destinations in the area of Split and is equally famous for its historic beauty as well as for its vibrant clubs and restaurants. If you only have a day in Split but really want to spend a day on an island, then Hvar would be the popular choice. The town of Hvar will enchant you with its natural beauty, Spanjola fortress, a promenade by the sea, churches and picturesque streets. Spend a day in Hvar to recharge your batteries for the trip ahead of you.

#5 Palmižana (Paklinski Island)

Pakleni islands in Croatia


Palmizana is a bay in the small archipelago of Paklinski islands just opposite of Hvar, famous for its wild nature, restaurants and lounge bars. You can spend a day in the bay of Palmizana or have a short stop there as a part of our Private Blue Cave and Hvar tour. If you have 2 or 3 days to spend in the area of Split and you want to see some of the most popular beaches and bays, then set sail to Palmizana. Palmizana is very popular among sailors and yachtsmen, so the bay is usually packed with boats and yachts. This gives the bay a touch of luxury, and this is probably why Palmizana is the place to be seen and to check in.

#6 Stiniva Beach (Vis Island)

Stiniva beach on Vis island

All the beach lovers should definitely have this famous beach on their list, especially if you are in the area of Split for just one day. Stiniva is located on the island of Vis and is also a short stop on our Blue Cave tour from Split. The beach has won a reward for being the most popular European beach. Its small passage from the sea and steep descent from the island makes it a perfect place to visit by boat. Croatia has many beautiful beaches but Stiniva is definitely one of the most popular beaches in the entire country. One day in Split is not enough to see everything but if you need one answer to the question – where to go in Croatia for beaches – Stiniva beach would be our top choice.

#7 Monk Seal Cave (Vis Island)

entrance of Monk seal cave on Vis island

Another amazing place you can visit in one day from Split is also located on the island of Bisevo – the Monk seal cave. Besides the Blue Cave, the island of Bisevo hides other spectacular natural wonders, perfect for nature lovers. The monk seals have a special place in the heart of the people of Dalmatia, and this cave is a reminder of their existence and beauty. The Monk seal cave is a great place for swimming and diving, so if you want to spend your 24 hours in the area of Split being at one with nature, visit the island of Bisevo and its amazing underwater caves. Combine a visit to Bisevo and Vis to get the best 24 hours in the Split archipelago.

#8 Bol – Golden Horn (Brac)

Golden horn on Brac Island - Bol

When you think of Bol and the island of Brac the first thing that comes to mind is the Golden Cape (Zlatni rat) beach. As their clever marketing campaign says Bol is the symbol of the Adriatic. Even if you have an only half a day in Split and want to visit an island and swim at the beach, then have a short boat ride from Split and visit Bol. Golden Cape is famous not only because of its beautiful location and small pebbles but especially for the way it changes shape depending on the wind and tide. The Golden Cape beach could also be your answer to a more alternative way to spend a day in the Split area because it is the most popular windsurfing spot on this part of the Adriatic. If you like to swim on Bol beach join us on Private Bol and Hvar tour from Split.

Natural Landmarks in Dalmatia

Croatia is a country of many natural beauties and wonders and some of them make a perfect daily excursion even if you only have one day in the area of Split. Several beautiful national parks and parks of nature are located in Dalmatia, but even those a bit more remote are all reachable in a daily trip from Split.

#1 National Park Plitvice Lakes

waterfalls in Plitvice lakes Croatia

Plitvice lakes are one of the most popular natural landmarks in Croatia, so coming to Croatia and not visiting the national park Plitvice is not recommended. The national park of Plitvice lakes is a couple of hours drive away from Split, and on the way to the park, you will pass through the beautiful scenery of Dalmatian hinterland and the region of Lika. Spend your day walking around the lakes below the waterfalls and creating amazing memories. Cross the great lake with a boat and spend hours wandering around its green shores. Split will wait for you in the evening and be the perfect resting place after a day in nature. Check our Plitvice lakes tour from Split!

#2 Krka Waterfalls National Park

Waterfalls in Krka national park

Krka River and its waterfalls make the national park Krka one of the most popular road trips from the city of Split. It would only take a couple of hours to reach national park Krka, the town of Sibenik and enjoy some wine tasting in Skradin. Some of the most amazing areas in Croatia surround the city of Split, so a day in Split can be more than just a day in the city. Tour of the national park Krka promises a relaxing day filled with leisure walks around wooden paths and tasting of homegrown local delicacies in the most amazing atmosphere. Spend your day or even half a day in the Split area by visiting Krka and enjoying its sights, smells and sounds. Bathing under one of its waterfalls is a special bonus on a hot summer day. We strongly advise you to join our Krka waterfalls tour from Split!

#3 Cetina River

Source of Cetina river

Just less than an hour’s drive from Split you can enjoy one of the most beautiful rivers in Croatia- the river Cetina. You can visit the spring of Cetina near the town of Sinj or spend time in Omis at the mouth of the river Cetina. Along the river, you may enjoy adventurous sports like rafting on Cetina river, see fortress ruins, eat delicious food or just have a swim and sunbathe on its shores. There are many alternative things you can do in Split and its surroundings even for a day, and river Cetina and everything it has to offer along its course can be interesting for all sports and nature enthusiasts.

Deciding what to do in a city like Split can be challenging, considering everything it has to offer. History, culture, gastronomy, leisure, sports…there is something here for everyone. If you want to experience free, unusual or alternative things, then you should consider some of the places to visit from Split as well. Explore the popular Split islands, swim at the most amazing beaches, roam the streets of ancient towns and fall in love with Croatia!

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