Arial view on the amusement park Solaris

Theme & Amusement Parks Near Split, Croatia!

If you want to know where the Amusement Parks near Split are, here is the information on where to go and what to expect!

We all know that the holiday period is when we want to treat ourselves with a special experience and having fun is definitely one of the main ingredients of unforgettable memories. For this reason, we bring you a brief description of the two big aquatic theme waterparks that you can visit from Split Croatia.

Amusement Parks near Split – Solaris Aqua Park

Arial view on the amusement park Solaris

The first that should be mentioned is the amusement park within the best hotel in Šibenik – Solaris Resort.

Šibenik is located less than 90 kilometers away from Split via highway. We believe that this city deserves a visit because of its natural and cultural beauty. What is more, the ride that takes about an hour is even more justifiable given that the city’s  latest attraction is a water park that offers everything a guest eager for adventures could wish for during the hot summer days.

This is a relatively new park and it is considered the first water park in the heart of Dalmatia. Together with a Family beach in front of the hotel, it offers a complete experience primarily intended for families with children, but to others with an adventurous spirit as well.

The content of the park

This Amusement Park is uniquely designed and very rich in content. It offers a wide range of family and social attrations, games and attractions suited to children of all ages as well as adults.

Enjoy the many water rides without time limit. There are six different water slides, some of which reach up to 13.5 meters in height, nozzles, sprinklers and waterfalls that are just part of the adventure that will keep you engaged. Relax in comfortable rings sliding down the “lazy river” or simply chill by the pool.

In designing this really unique one among Amusement Parks near Split, special attention was devoted the youngest. The biggest part of water magic is for them, so the zone with entertainment for children is a particularly interesting part of the aqua park. Here children can splatter in the shallow pools, admire the sprinklers or play on slides adapted for the youngsters.

This playground makes Water park even more interesting place for a real sea adventure. Underwater fairy tale will certainly delight your children. The cave with a number of interesting marine characters creates a special spell for the enjoyment of the youngest passing through it.

Important information

Please note that children under 6 must be accompanied by a parent or an adult.

Opening hours are subject to weather conditions during off season, but during the summer season the park is open 9 AM – 8 PM.

If you choose to visit this one from a couple of Amusement Parks near Split, you do not need to worry about where you are going store your personal belongings because the park offers the possibility of using lockers.

The accepted currency which Croatian kuna, but if you bring the appropriate currency, do not worry because there is a cash machine in front of the aqua park.

This is a place where you can forget about everyday worries and problems and dive into the magical world of watery fun to the fullest. We are sure that you can expect to have so much fun!

Amusement Parks near Split – Mirnovec Park

Arial view on Amusement Park Mirnovec

In addition to the aforementioned Solaris, a little further away (141 kilometers from Split, again if you are using the highway), specifically in Biograd, starting from May this year, Dalmatia will offer something spectacular in terms of amusement parks near Split.

Who better to design an amusement park, than the king of the fireworks himself!

“Mirnovec pyrotechnic”, more specifically their company “Mirnovec Park”, started work on the construction of an amusement park in Biograd, worth 15 million euros in the first phase, which should open prior to May 1 2017, as we have learned from the director of Mirnovec Franjo Koletić.

The content of the park

“Amusement Park, which will have 25 attractions, is designed for three categories of visitors: families, teenagers and children. It will be divided into three themes: the Wild West, the old pirate city and the universe. The park will offer rides on a variety of roller coasters, a hall for video games, an amphitheater, and a great emphasis will be, of course on the fireworks and various spectacles with pyrotechnics and fire. A part of the theme park will be devoted to all accompanying catering facilities”, said Koletić.

The total gross area of ​​the amusement park’s plot is 45,654 square meters, while the gross area of ​​buildings amounts to 3,978 square meters. Furthermore, the water will amount to 2,177 square meters and walking paths and roads additional 17,599 meters.

He added that this is not a theme park that will only provide water attractions. “It will be the first Croatian amusement park that will remind you of the theme parks of Orlando Florida or the famous Italian Gardaland”, he said.

From what he said, all building permits have been obtained. The construction of the park starts on Wednesday, April 13, on the land owned by the company. “These 15 million are just the beginning. It is implied that such parks spread quickly after a while and get enriched with new attractions. It is therefore very likely that the amusement park in the later stages will see even more large investments,” he noted.

“The construction should be completed by next summer season, perhaps even before the next Easter, May 1 at the latest”, said Koletić.

Finally, although the capital of Dalmatia still lags behind in offering of adventure tourism, the good news is that there are amusement parks near Split that are not too far apart and that will surely meet all your expectations when it comes to a crazy night out. Have fun!

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