Health tourism in Split Croatia

If someone would ask you what you treasure the most and what is the most important thing to you and your family, I think that the answer would be almost in equal measure: happiness and health. When you think about it, these two answers are almost always inseparable, and the best way to combine it is to indulge yourself in health tourism.

Health tourism in Croatia is actually one of the main reasons the city of Split even exists, since one of the crucial reasons why Emperor Diocletian chose this area for his summer home, lies in the fact that besides its beautiful nature and extraordinary position on the Adriatic coast, Split’s center is built next to thermal baths.

Since Diocletian gave much attention to his health, he built these thermal baths around a spring of sulphurous water at approximately the same time as the Baths of Diocletian in Rome. When you walk on the promenade Riva and notice a funky smell, it is the sulphur (brimstone) you smell from these baths. Today we can say that people have finally discovered that if this type of tourism is fit for an Emperor, it would benefit them as well, minus building a city along the way ?

Health tourism in Split Croatia – Wellness & Spa offers

There are several popular aspects of health tourism which have garnered more and more attention of tourists from around the world who come to Split and Croatia for health or beauty reasons. One of the most popular amenities in hotels worldwide is a Spa and wellness center. Almost all hotels in the area of Split offer some types of beauty treatments, whether it’s just a massage or a manicure, but few bigger hotels also include Spa in their offer. These Spas include heated indoor pool, outdoor pool, sauna, Jacuzzi and other quality contents to ensure well-being of its guests. Some of the hotels which offer complete wellness service are as follows:

  • Hotel Le Meridien Lav with its 2,500 square meters of luxury Spa, a fitness center, outdoor infinity pool, Roman baths etc.
  • Radisson Blu Resort, Hotel Split with its 2,000 square meters Spa, Finnish saunas, hydrotherapy pool, Japanese Onsen pool, fitness center, ice fountain etc.
  • Filomena Spa & Lifestyle club operates in three hotels: Hotel Cornaro, Hotel Atrium and Hotel Park, and all of them are exclusive. Filomena is included on this list thanks to its amazing offer of well-being treatments and spa rituals.

Health service in private clinics and practices

As mentioned before, health tourism in Croatia doesn’t include only beautifying treatments and pampering, but also health services from the most qualified doctors in various private clinics in Split. Croatian doctors and public health system are very much esteemed, and we can still benefit from their services under convenient prices in comparison to the price of health services in other countries.

This is probably the main reason many foreigners decide to come to Croatia to undergo some procedures mostly in private clinics where they can get full service in one place. The most popular are dentists, plastic surgeons, orthopedics, dermatologists, ophthalmologists and gynecologists. For all these medical areas you can visit private clinics in Split, and they all offer this and more medical services.

Here we will name only few:

  • Polyclinic Sunce
  • Polyclinic Cito
  • Polyclinic Medikol
  • Polyclinic Matulić
  • Polyclinic Labar

It is even possible to contact a tourist agency (like Pelican Tours :D) and get all in one place: accommodation, doctor appointment, taxi service and if you have enough time and desire, also visit historical towns or national parks. Some people come only for their procedure, but some like to combine it with the visit of the city of Split with a guide, or enjoy a boat trip to the islands, depending on the time and their inclinations.

Nature is the best cure

As you probably know, the sun (in a reasonable measure) and the sea (with no limits) are natural remedies for many conditions, especially those related to the state of mind, so we could say that any type of tourism in Split is actually health tourism. Just imagine lying on the beach, enjoying the salty peeling on the sun kissed skin, and you are in the best Spa center of the world.

If you include some swimming and eating natural and homegrown and homemade meals, you are already rewarding yourself in the best possible way. Of course, if you need anything specific regarding your health or physical appearance, and you want it done professionally and under reasonable prices by the best doctors, come to Split!

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