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Outdoor Gyms in Split Croatia

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Regarding the number of inquiries from guests about where and if working out in the open is possible, we bring you a shortlist of outdoor gyms in Split Croatia.

The interest is mainly encouraged by the already world-famous movement BarStarzz, which had a huge part in the popularization of outdoor exercising, a set of exercises that have received the title of Street workout.

The street workout combines elements of gymnastics with classic bodyweight exercises and definitely promotes a healthy lifestyle. In recent years, the movement has become more and more popular in European countries, but also in our country, mainly among the younger generations. In this discipline, the emphasis is on the use of one’s own weight, which is the main obstacle in the beginning. Every day more and more people are inspired to start exercising and doing sports just this way.

Unlike most other sports that require special equipment, for doing these exercises you do not need anything other than a good mood. Pull-ups and other exercises that make up this discipline can be done anywhere.

So far, there are areas in Split where youth can perform such exercises, but the facilities are usually adapted for children because those are mostly children’s playgrounds, and so far the enthusiasts had to find their own way to improvise on the infrastructure that was not originally intended for the activities they are interested in.

However, the need for outdoor gyms in Split did not remain unnoticed, so the city authorities and enthusiasts from specific sports associations have launched several initiatives and projects so that the city on Marjan could get such content as well.

Thus the city area of Pujanke recently got richer for an outdoor gym with an investment of five thousand euros, so the local athletes and recreational enthusiasts could, rather than in stuffy gyms, practice this type of sport and do exercises on the equipment in the open. It really does sound a lot more attractive.

The construction of the largest outdoor gym in Split in Blatine area will begin shortly, which should be in operation soon. It will be spread over 500 square meters and will consist of a variety of equipment, as well as automobile and tractor tires suitable for exercise in numerous ways.

This type of outdoor gym in Split is nothing new to the local athletes, as it has existed for many years on Bene (Bene – Marjan) and it is still the most popular place to exercise outdoors. Hardly any location will ever be better than Marjan due to the microclimate and the beauty that “the lungs of the city” offer its visitors, but since not that long ago lovers of Street workout have a location that is even closer to the city center.

It is an activity park located on Bačvice beach. Besides being close to the city, it is very tempting that you can immediately dip yourself in the sea or play popular picigin with a tireless local team after the exercises.

We went to the local outdoor gym and did our own short training, to check the atmosphere and conditions, and we bring you a couple of photos in order to help you find a park if you choose to keep fit while on holiday in Split.

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