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Nudist beaches in Split Croatia

naked girl swimming on nudist beach in Split Croatia

Being a nudist is a way of life, not just a wish to end holidays without tanning lines of your bikini. It is a movement promoting self-respect and respect for the environment. Almost everyone has at least once gone skinny dipping and felt as if you were doing something prohibited and naughty. For people who are truly nudists, it is something more than just a hidden pleasure or fun – it is a proclamation of freedom and being at one with nature. Since not everyone understands the point of nudism, people who enjoy it have to be careful not to offend someone unintentionally, and this is why we have prepared for you a list of nudist beaches in Split Croatia, its surroundings and the two nearest islands Šolta and Brač.

Nudist beaches in Split city

If you prefer bathing nude but don’t want to risk a fine or have an unpleasant encounter with some angry fellow swimmer, then we regret to say it but in the Split area, you won’t have much luck. The isn’t a Split nude beach. Of course, there are many hidden small coves where you can relax and enjoy in the sun without a bathing suit, but they don’t offer a safe entrance to the sea, and we think that it is not worth risking your life. They are also very uncomfortable since they are mostly all rocks, so that would be another reason to avoid searching a nudist spot on your own.

However, there are official nudist beaches near Split. One is located in Seget in Medena, while the other one is located in Ruskamen near Omiš. To get there from Split you should travel approximately half an hour, since one is in the direction of Dubrovnik (Ruskamen), and the other one is in the direction of Trogir (Medena).

In the Split city area, there aren’t any official nudist beaches, but there are two beaches that have become known as nudist destinations and although you still might risk a fine for disorderly behavior, it is highly unlikely that it would happen. Those two beaches are located in two opposite parts of the city. One is located on the East in the area called Duilovo, just under the hotel Zagreb. This beach is probably more suitable for those who like to stay closer to all beach amenities, since it is right next to the famous beach Žnjan, with many cafes and lounge bars. The view is oriented to the island of Brač and small towns located near Split like Stobreč and Podstrana.

The other beach is probably more attractive to naturists since it is almost completely wild and is located on the foothill of Marjan, the small mountain towering over Split. The beach Kašjuni can be reached by traveling west from the promenade Riva, and you can also reach it on foot. The beach Kašjuni has been recently renovated so you can also enjoy lounge bar music and cocktails in this area. The nudist part of the beach Kašjuni is the westernmost part of the beach and is separated from the non-nudist part by some natural shade. Besides Kašjuni, you can go forward and find in the vicinity some other coves and small beaches. If you decide to go to Kašjuni, you won’t only enjoy the beauty of Marjan, but also in the view of the islands of Šolta and Čiovo.

Nude beaches on the islands near Split

Croatia has a long history of nudist beaches and there are 12 official nude beaches in Croatia that are open at the moment, but six of them are in Istria. Besides the nude beach Ruskamen and Medena, you can enjoy official nudist beaches on the island of Solta and on the island of Brač. If you wish to enjoy your nudist holidays on one of the aforementioned islands, we can arrange your travel anytime and get you there by boat. The beach on the island of Šolta is located near Nečujam, and since Šolta is an island that has kept its wild nature, you could probably take a chance and bathe in the nude pretty much in many coves around the island, especially in its southern part.

The island of Brač is a bit more modern and it is also quite bigger than Šolta, so you shouldn’t maybe check your luck here. The island is quite inhabited so you could encounter some problems if you miss the spot. Anyway, there are few nudist beaches on the island so it is not worth the risk.

A very popular nudist beach is in Bol and it is called Paklina. On the other side of the island near its center Supetar you can enjoy the beaches Zazubić and Zastupina. The beaches aren’t completely nudist so make sure you get to the right side. Just look for the FKK sign and you are there. There is also one other small nudist beach called Mutnik near the village Mirca, so if you are willing to go enjoy on nudist beaches of the island of Brač, you will surely find one that has all the amenities and natural beauties you were looking for!

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