Best Krka Trip From Split on Viator, TA & Expedia

Find out why Pelican Tours’ excursion to National Park Krka is proclaimed the Best Krka Trip from Split in 2016, 2017 and 2018 on Viator and Expedia?

How we made the best Krka trip from Split?

In times of increased popularity of Split as one of world’s top tourist destinations, we have witnessed the expansion of touristic products and services.

In business it is very important to be able to predict future trends in order to be ready for the changes that inevitably happen in all markets, tourist market including. Management of Pelican Tours Split as well as the staff with years of experience and education in the aforementioned field predicted that a time of mass supply of touristic products would come, and also that during the season the filtering of these products would occur. The conclusion was that the quality of services is the only factor that can ensure long-term survival in the market.

While these days in the city you can find a myriad of companies that offer more or less the same impersonal products, often guided by the idea of “take what can be taken” in an uncompromised “war” which generally has price dumping as its most powerful “weapon”, Pelican Tours Split has definitely succeeded in doing something more than that.

The idea from the beginning was to address primarily a person not just a potential customer, to make our client feel special in the intimacy of small groups and to create ultimately unforgettable experience that our guest would take home.

The main prerequisite to achieve this was to do our job out of love, not putting profit first!

All word leaders in excursion sales have recognized Pelican Tours Split!

We proudly wish to emphasize that our effort and different approach were recognized by leading companies in the sector of daily excursion on-line distribution.

1) Best Krka trip from Split on Expedia!

Pelican Tours “Krka Waterfalls & Sibenik City tour with wine tasting from Split” is the only Amazing 5/5 excursion from Split with 100% customers recommendations on Expedia and of course the best Krka trip from Split in their offer.

2) Listed 1st Krka trip from Split on Viator!

Pelican’s Krka Waterfalls and Sibenik Town Day Trip with Free Wine Tasting from Split” is recommended as the best Split Viator travel arrangement for these destinations. Again, if you search for Split in Trip Advisor’s sister company and check out excursion offers for National Park Krka on this mega popular platform, the first offer will be ours. It is without a doubt that Viator knows its job, since together with Expedia it is the world’s market leader when it comes to daily excursions. It is both our honor and an acknowledgement to be on the top of the list!

3) Tour Operator of the Year 2017 for Split, Croatia

We have to add that Pelican Tours Split is the Winner for the Year 2017 in the choice of best European tour operator on the prestigious “Luxury Travel Guide Awards Holiday and Tour Specialist” list, based on experience of more than 2 million subscribers.

This kind of success leads us to believe that we have justifiably estimated not to dump the prices unlike most agencies in Split, but decided to add value and offer our clients unforgettable experience and you can’t put a price tag on that.

So, why our excursion is the best Krka trip from Split?

Here is the deal!

The “secret” of our success is nothing new or spectacular, in the contrary; it is a pretty simple and known recipe for success.

Do the job you enjoy doing!

Now that we have discovered the “secret spice” of our success, we’re going to emphasize other “ingredients” of our itinerary to point out the diversity of supply compared with our competitors and to introduce you more with what you can expect on this trip:

• Touring with the official guide!

In case you don’t have official and educated guide to show you the location, in our opinion you lose a lot to save a little! Licensed, expert guide knows the historical facts and secret locations or destinations that only a local could know. It would be a shame not to hear many stories related to the rich history of the area hidden in Croatia literally “under every rock”.

• Small group tour!

We think that this doesn’t require much explaining. Bus transfer takes longer; you share it with many guests, while in a van you can be in a group. A van with a small group gives you much more intimate atmosphere and more comfort in every sense of the word.

• Balanced itinerary!

One of the main reasons if not the most important reason our excursion is so well recognized lies in its balance. A balance between tour of sites in comparison to free time, as well as the balance between serious factual presentations and moments of joking around. This is crucial for achievement of a complete experience. Balance is the key for happiness in life, and also for a successful itinerary.

• Wine and cheese tasting!

After destination sightseeing, bathing and a boat ride, it is our opinion that the excursion needs to be additionally “seasoned” with a short, friendly gathering, to exchange experiences and create friendly bonds. This way we can show how much we care for you. And what is a better way to unwind but in a local traditional house with wine tasting, some prosciutto and wine. This is the final sweetener, and we happily treat you with it for free to enable you to experience a pristine feeling in the original Dalmatian household. Area exploration is incomplete unless we also use our palate!

If you would like, here you can find more details about the National Parks near Split.

For the end, we would like to emphasize that our success in the last couple of years will not slow us down, on the contrary, we are already working on improvement of our offer this year to be able to say once again that we do the best Krka tour from Split.

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