Green Taxi Split

The fact that market of taxi transportation within our city is being revived is clearly shown the establishment of a new association “Green taxi in Split”, whose members will soon start their runs on the streets of Split! These are mostly young, educated drivers, who have ensured a permission from the city council to perform services of taxi transportation, and have recently established mentioned association to enhance this type of transportation and make it, most importantly, less expensive for end-users.

Jurica Prgomet, president of the newly formed association, says that their ultimate goal is actually correction of prices, which should be 20 to 50 percent lower than the existing ones, which should satisfy both the carriers and the citizens of Split.

We expect to begin working by the end of 2016. Currently we are waiting for the resolution of technical issues such as the issuance and the delivery of taxi permit by the city government, which is expected to arrive after the completion of the public tender and publishing of priority lists. We chose the name “Green Taxi in Split,” and branded with “Go green” because we want to point out the fact that our vehicles are mostly new hybrids, which are environmentally friendly. We are the new, young taxi entrepreneurs who want to offer better transportation, but also to change the image that has so far followed the Split taxi drivers – Prgomet told us.

Mirza Ibrahimović, member of the Supervisory Board, explains how to book a ride with the new players on the taxi scene in two ways – by calling the call center, where the dispatcher will assign the nearest vehicle to the given address or through applications that you can download for your smartphone and arrange the transport yourself.

It is important to note that mentioned enthusiasts, along with the existing senior taxi companies in Split are legal transportation associations, unlike Uber or Cammeo. Our recommendation when choosing a carrier is to make sure that you are insured, both you and your luggage and to be driven in comfortable vehicles. Members of this association will certainly meet the all these conditions. And if in addition to this you can use environmentally friendly vehicles at lower prices, there is really nothing to complain about, right?

The association currently has 20 members, where each member owns one vehicle. However, they expect to be joined by at least fifty more professional drivers, given the fact that they want to provide a 24-hour service. Of course, each of them has to complete traffic school and pass the examination of knowledge of the city and meet all other requirements for licensed taxi driver.

“Green taxi drivers” on the streets will be recognizable by the dress code that includes a white shirt, black pants and a special tie with the logo that represents a large green letter “G”. We wish you a happy and comfortable ride!

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