Brown trout from Plitvice lakes national park

Plitvice Lakes Fish Species

Brown trout from Plitvice lakes national park

In this article we are bringing you the full list of Plitvice lakes fish species.

Plitvice Lakes National Park is known for its stunning natural beauty, particularly its interconnected lakes, waterfalls, and lush landscapes.

While the park’s primary attractions revolve around its freshwater ecosystems and water features, it’s not known for being a prime location for fish species diversity.

The lakes in Plitvice are characterized by clear waters and unique geological formations rather than abundant fish populations.

However, there are some fish species that can be found in the park’s lakes and rivers. These include:

  1. Brown Trout (Salmo trutta):
    Brown trout is a common cold-water fish species that can be found in some of the lakes and rivers of Plitvice Lakes National Park.

  2. European Chub (Squalius cephalus): This freshwater fish species is known to inhabit some of the rivers and streams within the park.
  3. European Bullhead (Cottus gobio): Also known as the miller’s thumb, this small fish species can be found in cold, fast-flowing waters.
  4. European Eel (Anguilla anguilla): The European eel is known for its migratory behavior between freshwater and saltwater environments. It’s possible that they can be found in some of the park’s water bodies.
  5. Rudd (Scardinius erythrophthalmus): The common Rudd is a bentho-pelagic fish from freshwater, widely spread in Europe as well as in middle Asia. It can be found also around the basins of the North, Baltic, Caspian, Aral and Black seas.
  6. Other Small Fish Species: Various small fish species that are adapted to freshwater habitats may also be present in the lakes, rivers, and streams of the park.

    Keep in mind that Plitvice Lakes National Park is primarily a protected natural area that focuses on preserving its unique ecosystems and natural landscapes.

    Fishing and other activities that might disturb the environment are often regulated or restricted within the park to ensure the conservation of its natural beauty.

    If you plan to visit Plitvice Lakes National Park, we recommend checking the day trip to Plitvice lakes listed below. 

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