Croatia is known as a country of thousand islands and some of the most popular and most beautiful islands are located in the archipelago of Dalmatia. These islands include Brac, Hvar, Solta, Vis and Bisevo. We organize boat trips from Split to all of the aforementioned islands and some of our tours include more than one island in a day. Our daily tours are organized from Split which is the best place to start your island hopping tour.

One of the most popular among the boat trips from Split is definitely the Blue Cave tour which takes you to the island of Bisevo and its famous Blue Cave. Another great thing about our Blue Cave tour is everything else you get to see on this tour: the island of Vis and its famous Stiniva Bay, the island of Hvar and the town of Hvar, as well as the Paklinski islands and Palmizana Bay. If you don’t want to spend too much time on one island and want to see as many islands as possible in just one day, this is the tour for you.

Another popular boat trip from Split and a relaxing way to spend the day is the Blue Lagoon tour to the Krknjasi Bay on the island of Drvenik. Blue Lagoon is perfect for people who want to visit an island but not spend too much time on a boat. Krknjasi Bay and its Blue Lagoon may be especially interesting to snorkeling aficionados with its family friendly coast and shallow beaches.

Visit the five best island destinations on the Croatian islands! Explore the breathtaking sea caves, gorgeous beaches and island locations you’ll never forget!


Escape the mainland crowds with our boat trips from Split and discover the most beautiful swimming and snorkeling destination – the amazing Blue Lagoon